The Nebraska basketball team's season looked like one that was going to be among the best in school history. That season has most decidedly gone south. After a Tuesday night loss to Penn State, it appears head coach Tim Miles' seat is the hottest it's ever been. While he's been in this particular situation before, comments the head coach made on a Podcast just days before the most recent defeat have thrown fuel on the fiery seat.

Tim Miles issues apology after stupid comments

As the Omaha World-Herald reports, Miles made the comments on Sunday night, when he was talking about the fact that his job might be in jeopardy.

The head coach has always been someone who has not shied away from the microphone. Sometimes that's a good thing and sometimes it's a bad thing.

On Sunday night, it appears Miles thought he was doing himself a favor when he was asked about the pressure of operating under a situation where he might lose his job at any time. The Nebraska basketball head coach responded to the question by saying, "If they fire me, they're still going to pay me. … I'm still a millionaire. So I've got that going for me."

Needless to say, the Husker head coach's comments could not have come at a worse time. The Cornhuskers played their worst game of the season. They lost by over 20 points to the team that is dead last in the Big Ten.

Following that loss, the comments seemed to indicate the coach has lost any real interest in coaching because he is going to get paid win or lose and whether or not he longer has a job after the season.

On Thursday afternoon, Miles issued an apology through his official Twitter account.

"Earlier this week, my (sarcastic) attempt at humor during a podcast failed," He said in the tweet, "anyone who knows me understands that I got into coaching and remain a basketball coach for reasons far beyond money."

Tim Miles' apology too little too late

The Huskers' head coach finished his very public apology by saying that he apologized to anyone who had been offended or taken aback by his flippant remarks.

The apology was probably than what was really needed. Husker fans, as they commented on his feed, weren't that upset about the comments.

What they were upset about is a Nebraska basketball season that has gone very, very wrong. The comments in and of themselves are not anything that is going to make the earth move. The apology is also not likely going to be saving his career for the Huskers.