Former Nebraska football star Mohammed Seisay has found himself one more football life. The defensive back was announced to have signed with the Memphis Express of the AAF earlier this week. In doing so, the corner showed that the AAF is indeed doing what fans and players thought the league might be good for. The problem and the biggest question is whether or not it can stick around long enough to give players like Seisay the chance to actually jump-start otherwise stagnant careers.

Former Nebraska football player on his third major football league

Since leaving the Huskers, Mohammed Seisay has been the very definition of a well-traveled veteran. The corner has had some success finding his way onto NFL rosters in the past, but he hasn't been on one of those teams for the last few years.

He started out his career with the Detroit Lions though he only put up one season where he had any measurable numbers. In 2014, he played predominantly on special teams and did record a tackle. He hasn't seen actual game time in the NFL since then.

After he left the Lions, the former Nebraska football star landed on the practice squad for the Seattle Seahawks.

After missing part of one season on the IR and then spending a few months of the next season on the roster, Mohammed Seisay was eventually waived.

After not being able to find a spot on another NFL team, Seisay decided to try his luck in the Canadian Football League. Unfortunately, the defensive back wasn't able to find a way to get on the field anymore in that league than what he did in the National Football League.

Now that the former Husker has found his way onto the AAF team, there is a chance Cornhusker fans might be able to watch him play football once again.

Mohammed Seisay joins growing group of former Huskers

Nebraska football is well represented in the brand new league. Terrell Newby, Josh Banderas, Kenny Bell, and Demornay Pierson-El all opened the season for the Salt Lake Stallions.

Kieron Williams is a member of the Arizona Hot Shots and Alonso Moore is being coached on the San Antonio Riders by two former Cornhusker coaches, Mike Riley, and receivers' coach Keith Williams.

That means Mohammed Seisay is the only former Nebraska football player currently on the Memphis Express. The good news is that if things don't work out in the AAF, there's always the XFL starting up in 2020. One can hope the defensive back will indeed find a way to stick in this new league, at least as long as the league is able to stick around.