The Cincinnati Bengals are celebrating the fact that they have a brand new head coach in Zac Taylor today. Yesterday, one of the former stars of the franchise took some shots at the fanbase that can only be described as "head-scratching." Jeremy Hill took to Instagram in order to show his disdain for the group of fans that once cheered his name posting, "imagine being a Bengals fan" and followed it up with about 17 laughing emojis.

Former Cincinnati Bengals back laughing all the way to the bank

Jeremy Hill is technically a member of the world champion New England Patriots.

The running back signed with the Pats before the 2018 season but missed all but one game due to an ACL tear. He still got to get a ring since he was indeed on the roster for the season, even if his presence on the roster was as a member of the injured reserve.

Before joining the Pats, alongside another former Cincinnati Bengals back Rex Burkhead, Hill had spent his first four seasons in the NFL in the Queen City. At one time, he looked like he was going to have a long and productive career for former head coach Marvin Lewis.

Hill ran for over 1,000 yards as a rookie and went for 11 touchdowns in his second season. As Bengals Wire points out, he was the "Thunder" half of the "Lighting and Thunder" backfield for the Bengals that split carries between Hill and Giovani Bernard.

Injuries and the emergence of Joe Mixon in 2017 meant that Hill was no longer needed on the Cincy roster.

He was allowed to move on and did indeed manage to move onto a team that just won the Super Bowl. Still, his taking aim at fans that cheered him when he was a member of the Bengals seems a bit strange.

Jeremy Hill throwing stones on social media

Considering the former Cincy running back has missed the entire season, it is striking more than a few people as odd that he felt the need to post about his former team the day after he became a world champion.

It's possible the running back was worried about his future when his old team let him go.

The Cincinnati Bengals are looking to move forward from Marvin Lewis with the hiring of Zac Taylor. The team might not have even made the playoffs this season, thanks in large part to Andy Dalton missing the second half of the year but there's plenty of excitement in the city these days. The same fans that Jeremy Hill is ragging on via his social media accounts are the ones who were clapping and cheering for him when he was the main ball carrier for their team.