The tiff between President Donald Trump and the Golden State Warriors continues. It is customary for the NBA titleholder to meet the President at the White House but the champions gave it a miss last year and will not be visiting the White House this year either. Instead, the Warriors met Barack Obama prior to their game against the Wizards. He has a way with people and can make others feel at ease.

New Zealand Herald reports Stephen Curry organized the meet.

He is the two-time NBA most valuable player and has become a golfing friend of Barack Obama over the years. However, he pretended ignorance while Green said, “It was good. A private team meeting, team event, it was good."

Obama bonds well with the Golden State Warriors

Former President Barack Obama holds the Golden State Warriors in high esteem. They visited the White House after their 2015 title and Obama showered praises on them. In his opinion, it was a great basketball team and made a special mention of Stephen Curry. He went on to add that the Warriors are symbols of those who have the ability to represent a city or the NBA. They are role models that kids should emulate. Last February, the team paid a visit to a museum with a group of local schoolchildren instead of the White House.

The meeting with Obama happened the day after Stephen Curry went to Howard University. The occasion was the screening of a documentary film and once there he took part in a panel discussion regarding its screening. He believes athletes, especially in the NBA, belong to the educated class and have the ability to influence others which they must exercise.

Basketball is a team event and those who play the game enjoy team spirit that helps to create a cohesive bond with one another and keep society together.

Trump does not gel with the Warriors

According to CNN, the decision of the Golden State Warriors to meet with Barack Obama instead of going to the White House stems from the attitude of Donald Trump towards the Warriors.

They won the 2017 NBA championship and were to visit the White House but Trump withdrew the invitation. The reason was Stephen "Steph" Curry’s criticism of Trump on the subject of black athletes protesting during the National Anthem.

Incidentally, the Warriors had met with the former President in 2016. That was after the Golden State Warriors took home the 2015 NBA championship. At the time, they presented him a commemorative jersey – he is a well-known basketball fan.