Is star wide out Antonio Brown heading to the Detroit Lions for the 2019 season? While many fans may scoff at the idea of the Lions landing such a high caliber player, one website has Detroit listed as the second highest favorite to land the All-Pro wideout this offseason.

According to Click on Detroit, the Lions have been listed at 5/1 odds to sign Antonio Brown before the 2019 season begins. The 30-year old Brown is a native of Florida but also has mentioned in many interviews that Michigan is like a second home to him following his college career at Central Michigan University.

Could that impact the stars choice of possibly heading to Motown in 2019?

The odds to land Brown

MyBookie Sportsbook tweeted out the odds on favorites to land the flamboyant Brown this summer and the overall leader is the Atlanta Falcons. Adding Brown to a team that boasts top players like Matt Ryan, Tevin Coleman, and Julio Jones could make the Falcons a legit threat once again in the NFC.

Right behind Atlanta at +500 or 5/1 odds are the New York Jets and the Detroit Lions.

Let’s be honest here. The Lions need a player like Brown if they are going to be a legit threat any time soon. In Kerryon Johnson they have discovered a good running back. Matt Stafford ranks amongst the best in the NFC at QB, but the Lions have yet to win a postseason game with Stafford in charge.

Kenny Golladay is a potential rising star in the making and Marvin Jones Jr.

is pretty darn good wideout as well, but add Antonio Brown to the mix and you instantly give this offense a legit threat and credibility.

At what price?

By trading Golden Tate, Detroit opened up plenty of cap room for 2019, and the Lions can definitely afford the Steelers star. However, Brown is not a free-agent. For Detroit to add him to their squad, some deals will need to be made.

It will take Lions GM Bob Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia to conjure up a trade with the Pittsburgh Steelers to make this deal go down. Brown is under contract with Pittsburgh through the 2021 season which actually should make the Lions want this deal even more.

The Steelers will want a lot for Brown, but he may be worth the risk. Is a first round pick to steep? How about trading your second and third round picks for Brown, including a second rounder in 2020? That should be an option worth exploring.

The Lions currently hold the No. 8 selection in the 2019 NFL draft, and that is a carrot they may need to dangle in front of the Steelers brass to get this deal done.

Last season Brown went over the 1,000-yard mark in receiving for the sixth straight season and he shows no sign of slowing down.

At 30, he is arguably in his prime and avoiding a serious injury he has 3-4 great seasons left in the tank - if not more.

Will the Lions try to strike a trade deal with the Steelers? Vegas oddsmakers believe it could happen, do you?