The Nebraska football team is doing a bit of regrouping after some late-season losses on the recruiting front. The Husker coaching staff is hoping that Demariyon Houston isn't going to be another loss. For now, it appears as though analysts are quite convinced the three-star receiver from Oklahoma will indeed end up in Lincoln.

The Cornhuskers had been hoping to reel in former Missouri commit Charles Njoku to beef up their receiver corps. Last week, he committed to the UCLA Bruins. The good news is that the commitment to Chip Kelly's program was not exactly a surprise.

The bad news was the Huskers lost out on a player they thought they had managed to close on.

Nebraska football going back to the drawing board

Now, they are hoping they have indeed closed on their backup plan in Houston. If the team considers him an actual backup plan, there is more good news in that he is really quite talented. The receiver was a commit to the Texas Longhorns for a large part of 2018. There had been some confusion over whether the Longhorns had walked away from Houston or whether Demariyon Houston had walked away from Texas.

It now appears it was mostly a move by the college to get another talented player on the roster. That could end up being a massive mistake by a Texas team that is starting to feel as though it really is all the way back.

It's possible passing up a chance to add Houston will bite the program, in the end. The Nebraska football team is hoping it does indeed bite them in a big way, and that the bite comes from Lincoln.

Demariyon Houston valuing relationships

As Houston told the Omaha World-Herald, it seems like the Huskers did everything right when it comes to his commitment.

The school has been recruiting him for months and stayed connected to him even when it looked like he was going to be a Longhorn. Now, analysts for 247Sports have been putting in their crystal ball projections for where he ends up.

Almost everyone who has made a recent prediction has picked the Cornhuskers. When looking at the total outlook, it seems like it's almost a toss-up between Texas and Nebraska.

It's important to remember that the Longhorns aren't actually in the running anymore. That makes it all the more important that a team like Colorado, where Houston showed interest in earlier, is in the running.

While some of the predictions remain private, the last four public crystal balls are all picking the Nebraska football team. Considering how accurate two of the experts have been, it appears the landing spot for Demariyon Houston is Lincoln.