Nebraska football coach Scott Frost knows all about the plight of the UCF Knights. When he was leading the AAC program to an undefeated season a year ago, he was telling any and all who would listen about how he thought his squad should be in the Top 4 teams in the FBS Playoffs rankings.

Despite his campaigning, his team did not get into the playoffs. Instead, the Knights took on Auburn in their bowl game and seemed to show they can hang with SEC programs. This year, UCF is in a similar situation but Frost appears to be on the other side of the issue.

USA Today has put together a database of how coaches voted with their final 2018 ballots. It turns out Frost doesn't believe his former school should be headed to the playoffs this year. He ranked the Knights 5th.

UCF Fans not happy with Scott Frost and his ballot

Once the Nebraska football head coach's ballot was made public, it should come as no surprise that there were fans who were less than thrilled with the development. Despite the fact that UCF has once again filled the role of being the mid-major school that was trying to be the upstart that takes down the big boys, Frost doesn't believe they should be in a position to win the National Title.

One fan made it clear he's still not very happy with the way things turned out between UCF and Scott Frost.

"A year removed, the taste in my mouth that Scott Frost left is nothing but sour. The poaching of prospects. The secret meetings. Heupel matching his undefeated record. Now, this after being a part of the National Championship in 2017. Yuck," he wrote.

Scott Frost gets credit and takes the blame

The Nebraska football coach has had a rather interesting season in his first year in Lincoln.

On the one hand, he has largely gotten credit for building the foundation that has allowed UCF to post two straight undefeated seasons (so far). On the other Knights, fans seem to still feel as though a bit jealous or spurned because he came back to his alma mater. The Twitter user who said he had a bad taste in his mouth is far from the only Central Florida fan who has gone out of their way to complain about how Frost handled his departure.

Scott Frost not feeling as though his former school deserves to make the playoffs appears to be insulting to injury for a school that took the extraordinary step of declaring themselves the National Champion last season. It appears this time around the Nebraska football head coach sided with a conference rival.