It took all 17 weeks of the 2018 NFL regular season schedule to determine the postseason schedule. Now that we know which teams are officially in, which teams are out, and which teams will square off in the Wild Card round, let’s get right to it! I also want to share the Week 17 NFL power rankings, as well as the Week 16 Super Bowl odds.

Several teams had destiny in the palm of their hands in Week 17, and some dropped the ball. According to a CBS Sports report, all the Minnesota Vikings had to do was win a home game against the Chicago Bears and they were in.

They failed.

Wild ride to the finish

The Bears defense dominated the Vikings from start to finish in their 24-10 victory. Vikings fans have to be asking themselves what in the world happened in 2018 as they entered the season as one of the heavy favorites to win the NFC conference. The Vikings loss was the Philadelphia Eagles gain, as the reigning Super Bowl champs will now have a shot at defending their crown.

The Eagles did their job in Week 17 by defeating the Washington Redskins, 24-0. When they got the official news, about 30 minutes or so later, that the Minnesota Vikings lost to the Bears, they celebrated almost as much as when they won the Super Bowl last February. The Eagles may not be the favorites this year, but at least they are playoff bound, and when you are the defending champ, that is all you can ask for.

So the schedule is set, except for one AFC matchup. The winner of Sunday night's game between the Colts and Titans will face the Texans. However, if Indianapolis and Tennessee tie, they both are out and the Steelers are in! Yes, it is a mad world right now in the NFL!

Schedule, Super Bowl odds

The 2019 NFL playoff schedule is set, and the odds to win Super Bowl 53 are, as well, although they will be tweaked so many times over the next two weeks it may look like watching the NYSE!

The New Orleans Saints are the overwhelming favorites at 3-2 odds. Unless you have Floyd Mayweather money, and believe in the Saints, wagering on them is not a smart move. At basically even money, the wild ride of the postseason makes them not a very tempting selection.

Right behind the Saints are the Rams at 5-1, the Chiefs and Chargers at 7-1, and rounding out the top five are the Patriots at 8-1.

Below is a look at the NFL playoff matchups and current odds to win the 2019 Super Bowl.

Wild Card round, Jan. 5-6


Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears

Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys


Los Angeles Chargers at Baltimore Ravens

Indianapolis, Tennessee or Pittsburgh at Houston

Super Bowl odds

  • New Orleans Saints 3-2
  • Los Angeles Rams 5-1
  • Kansas City Chiefs 7-1
  • Los Angeles Chargers 7-1
  • New England Patriots 8-1
  • Chicago Bears 14-1
  • Houston Texans 16-1
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 25-1
  • Dallas Cowboys 25-1
  • Seattle Seahawks 25-1
  • Baltimore Ravens 40-1
  • Indianapolis Colts 50-1
  • Philadelphia Eagles 70-1
  • Tennessee Titans 70-1