After losing to Seattle 21-7, the Minnesota Vikings announced the firing of offensive coordinator John DeFilippo. The Minnesota Vikings boast the top receiving duo in the NFL, young running back who is getting stronger. The Vikings assumed their offense would become one of the best in the National Football League this season.

247 sports report that the Vikings are sitting 6-6-1, with three games left on their schedule. Vikings can be projected to win the Dolphins matchup next week, but lose to the Lions and Bears, in the following weeks. The Vikings staff announced the decision on Tuesday and promoted their quarterbacks coach, Kevin Stefanski, to offensive coordinator.

The Minnesota Vikings may be losing week after week, but they know how to have fun when it comes to YouTube.

Minnesota not putting up numbers they expected when season began

Minnesota has been an underachieving team this season, highlighted by their disastrous performance against the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football. This firing seemed inevitable. The Vikings are against the wall as they try to claim a playoff spot, and the front office felt this decision was necessary to save their season.

USA Today confirmed Minnesota's offense is sitting 20th in the NFL in points per game and almost dead last at 30th in rushing. It wasn't the outcome the Vikings were expecting when they originally hired DeFilippo to run their offense this year.

This move may be too little too late for Minnesota, and their chances to make a statement in the playoffs this season. However, history does show that they may have a chance. In 2012, the Baltimore Ravens front office fired their offensive coordinator, with three games left on their schedule, but ended up with a Super Bowl victory a few weeks later.

Vikings players not blaming DeFilippo

Vikings player Adam Thielen has said that DeFilippo should not be completely blamed for the team's struggles. Thielen has said that players are failing to make the needed players, and it all comes down to execution by all 11 players.

This was the first season for DeFilippo in Minnesota. He spent two seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles as the quarterbacks coach.

He helped shape quarterback Nick Foles, who ended up winning the Super Bowl last season. This is not the season the Vikings front office expected when they gave Kirk Cousins a guaranteed $84 million this past offseason. Time will tell how Minnesota performs in the playoffs if they are able to secure a spot.