LeBron James left the Los Angeles Lakers game on Christmas Day with a groin injury. The moment was scary as James went straight back to the locker room after the injury and never returned. He seemed a bit optimistic after the game concerning the injury and if it could keep him out of action at all. He even seemed like he was holding out hope that he could be back on Thursday night for a game with the Sacramento King. It won't happen as James will now miss multiple games with the Lakers, starting on Thursday night.

LeBron James injury update

An MRI on Wednesday revealed the LeBron James injury is a strained groin, which is better than it could have been.

As LeBron said in a Twitter post, he "dodged a bullet" and gave thanks to the "almighty above."

Yahoo Sports reported that the Los Angeles Lakers expect that LeBron will miss "a few" games at the minimum. He will, at the least, stay home when the team travels to Sacramento to battle the Kings on Thursday night. The following night, they will be back at home for a game with the Los Angeles Clippers and then welcome the same Kings back for a game on Sunday at the STAPLES Center.

After the game, LeBron said that he is not too concerned with injuries. He said that he was able to walk off the court under his own power, which was a good sign.

He did say that he felt a pop in his groin and couldn't stretch it out enough for relief. Now, with the LeBron James injury keeping him at home on Thursday night, the Los Angeles Lakers will play the first game this season without James on the court.

Lakers worried about the possibility of LeBron injuries

While the Los Angeles Lakers started to pour it on the Golden State Warriors -- after the LeBron James injury -- there are some who believe that an injury to their star player could doom the team.

The Atlantic reported that one anonymous member of the Lakers staff believes that without LeBron on the court, the Los Angeles Lakers can't even make the playoffs this year. That seems almost disrespectful of the remaining Lakers star players.

According to that staff member, if the Lakers lose LeBron James for up to 10 games this season, they will miss out on making the postseason.

Right now, the Lakers are in fourth place in the Western Conference with a 20-14 record. However, the ninth-place San Antonio Spurs are only two games back of the Lakers.

If the Los Angeles Lakers lost every game without James, they would fall to 20-24. However, that is not likely with names like Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball and Rajon Rondo on the team. If they went .500 without LeBron, they would likely still be in the playoffs unless every team under them won all their games.

A LeBron James injury is scary, but there is no reason to blow it out of proportion for the Los Angeles Lakers chances of making the postseason -- as long as he returns.