Cleveland Cavaliers trade rumors now include J.R. Smith. It's yet another name surfacing who could end up playing for a different team before the end of the 2018-19 NBA season. Kevin Love was also mentioned in NBA trade rumors, especially as the Cavs look to get younger and build for the future. While Love could certainly help most teams around the league, it is more likely that Smith is traded first.

Smith feels disrespected by Cavs

In a report by Hoops Hype, it was stated that Smith is pretty unhappy with his situation in Cleveland. This stems not just from the lack of action he has seen during the current NBA season, but also from the lack of communication he is receiving from general manager Koby Altman.

Whether this is just his perception or something taking place with the team, Smith wants out.

Entering the season, it seemed like Smith was one of those players that didn't quite fit into the rebuilding mode that the franchise is undertaking. Losing LeBron James to the Los Angeles Lakers was a huge blow to the team and one that has led to a 1-7 record to open the year.

Last year, Smith appeared in 80 games for the Cavaliers; starting 61 of them. He averaged 28.1 minutes, putting up 8.3 points a contest. This year, he is down to just 12 minutes a night in the four games he has appeared in. That has cratered his scoring average to just 2.5 points per game. This is clearly something that would frustrate any player who thrives from being on the court.

What next for the Cleveland Cavaliers?

For these latest Cleveland Cavaliers trade rumors to lead to something, the team will have to find the right trading partner. Smith is owed roughly $15 million this year and then about $15.7 million next year. That's a lot of money for a player at the end of the bench. It might also make it more difficult for the Cavs to trade him.

At this point, if the franchise could find another team willing to take on his full contract, it is expected that they would pull the trigger right away.

The contract extension that J.R. Smith received, as well as the deal that the Cavs signed with Kevin Love, may be high on the list of long-term regrets for the franchise. Smith was re-signed because LeBron James wanted it to happen, which may have led to the swingman getting overpaid.

Smith gave the team depth and helped them get to the championship in each of the past four seasons. Now, though, he appears to be on the outs.

While fans should expect to see more Cleveland Cavaliers trade rumors mentioning his name, it isn't as easy as just sending him to another team. If the Cavs are intent on parting ways with J.R. Smith, it may require a draft pick compensation or absorbing the contract of another player in order to get a deal done.