If you've heard the name, JoJo Domann, and wondered from where, it's likely that it was in headlines, all from the beginning of fall camp. Domann had seemingly come out of nowhere and appeared to be a front-runner for a starting spot on Erik Chinander's defense. Then, he all but disappeared. Some of that was on purpose. Some of the disappearing act was all about the Cornhuskers moving on to more pressing matters. There are also some unexpected players who could shine for them soon.

The Nebraska football team has had a bit of a roller coaster ride in 2018.

The season started with lots of talk about how the turnaround wouldn't take nearly as long as some first thought. Even after a loss to Colorado at home, people felt like the team was close to turning the corner. Then five more losses came. Some, more embarrassing than others. JoJo Domann basically missed them all.

JoJo Domann sparkplug for new kind of defense?

In recent weeks, the Nebraska football team has started to look a bit more like the squad Scott Frost and company thought they were going to have in September. At least the offense has looked much improved. There were changes here and there, such as moving Greg Bell out, and Devine Ozigbo into, the starting running back slot. Kade Warner came out of nowhere to take over a starting receiver spot as well.

A report card for the game against Minnesota is also available.

JoJo Domann could be the next big mover, and it could signal more than just a player ahead of him who isn't performing all that well.

Domann started the season as a safety. On Monday's depth chart (October 22), he's listed as the co-number two at outside linebacker behind Tyrin Ferguson. It feels like this could be the start of a change in philosophy that will be more than this move, and could yield big results down the road. Cornhusker fans should certainly hope this is something that will have some long-lasting positive effects.

Nebraska football about to let talent win out

The really exciting aspect of the move (though there is some talk it's not permanent), is that the Husker coaches are starting to crib from a philosophy that Charlie McBride turned into a couple of national titles. Instead of saying "this player is a safety so he'll split time with the other safety's," Chinander is looking to get the best players on the field, no matter where they would normally be.

Domann is going to be a speedy presence at outside linebacker and he is also a solid tackler. Even if he's only in there for nickel situations, he's still a linebacker, who is going to have a better feel for coverage.

He's going to be able to zoom around the field. Hopefully, he's going to make the Nebraska football defense that much better. As long as the coaches continue with that philosophy, it's going to spell success as we move forward in the Scott Frost era.