The Minnesota Timberwolves and the Los Angeles Lakers recently faced off, with the Timberwolves coming out on top with a 124-120 victory at home. This game featured two of the most talented players of all time on the court facing off against each other. And although Jimmy Butler and Karl Anthony Towns are great talents, the other that holds that reference, other than LeBron James is Derrick Rose. It’s unfortunate, however, that D-Rose isn’t recognised as one of the best players in the league anymore. After being the youngest MVP in league history in 2011, Rose had high hopes for the future.

But a number of brutal injuries put a burden on his career, and he has never quite been the same although staying in performance shape.

One man who understands the ‘misunderstood’ Derrick Rose, is LeBron James, and he recently talked about it.

It’s about what’s important

LeBron James is not only a talented basketball player, but he is also a great family man and role model. He faces the challenge of getting the Los Angeles Lakers back on track. Additionally, he's also raising his three children - 14-year-old Bronny, 11-year-old Bryce Maximus and four-year-old daughter Zhuri Nova, so LeBron James has a lot on his hands. But he knows he is not the only one, and recently spoke up about Derrick Rose and the respect he has for him.

“[He’s] a family man that just wanted to play ball, and nothing else mattered. That’s how it should be,” noted.

King James and Derrick Rose spent some time together as teammates, according to Pioneer Press, and obviously formed a close friendship. After years as enemies on the court with battles in the playoffs with Rose’s Chicago Bulls and James’ Miami Heat they knew the damage each other could do on the court, but it was when they shared the locker room was that they bonded.

Rejuvenating his career

After facing constant struggles with injuries the last few seasons, Derrick Rose has played his best basketball this year in a long time. He may not be the Most Valuable Player he was in 2011, but he is finally playing a significant amount of basketball while staying healthy. He showed flashes of being a star in this league in the 2018 playoffs and so far early in the 2018-19 season.

The Minnesota Timberwolves have been a great fit for Derrick so far in his career, despite coming off the bench behind Jeff Teague. He is still motivated to prove himself, whether it be starting at point guard or coming off the bench, either way, he wants to prove he is still one of the best talents in the league.