The Baltimore Ravens 2018 season began in a big way. They began with a 47-3 blowout win over the Buffalo Bills. The score was 26-0 at halftime and the Ravens new-look offense was dominant early as was the defense. The main question going into the season was how new receivers Michael Crabtree, John Brown, and Willie Snead would fit into the offense.

Well, that question was answered early. After running back Alex Collins scored a rushing touchdown, John Brown caught the first touchdown of the season for Joe Flacco. Joe Flacco had complete control of the offense and looked crisp all game.

After battling injuries the last couple years, Joe Flacco was throwing down the field and making accurate passes.

At one point in the game, Joe Flacco had 21 completions by the time the Buffalo Bills had run 17 plays. Michael Crabtree finished with 3 catches for 38 yards and one touchdown, John Brown had 3 catches for 44 yards, Willie Snead had 4 catches for 49 yards and 1 touchdown.

Clearly, the new receivers made a difference. Even the young tight ends made plays. The only offensive player that didn't have an impact today was rookie Hayden Hurst, who didn't play due to having ankle surgery.

Joe Flacco silences his critics in a strong performance

Joe Flacco finished 25/34 for 256 yards and 3 touchdowns.

John Eisenberg, a Baltimore Ravens columnist, gave his thoughts on the game. He says "It was a day of extremes.

The weather was brutal with a hard rain falling almost nonstop. Ineptitude on the Bills contributed to the mismatch as the team itself had 33 yards of offense and 71 yards in penalties.

The Buffalo Bills are coming off a playoff appearance, and are supposed to have a decent defense, but Joe Flacco shredded it, giving each of his new receivers chances at big plays." Eisenberg even posed the question that media members and analysts have been asking, could Joe Flacco take his strong preseason play and turn it into a strong game performance.

Clearly, the answer was yes. Joe Flacco even put to rest that he and only him is the starting quarterback of this team. "Flacco was mobile, decisive and accurate, and his performance didn't contain interceptions which have hurt Flacco and the Ravens over the last few years," Eisenberg says.

Ravens defense wreaks havoc on the Bills quarterbacks

The Baltimore Ravens have always predicated themselves on having strong defenses as the defense usually is among the best statistically.

Well, the 2018 defense picked up where it left off last year. John Eisenberg writes "What the Ravens defense did to the Bills offense was something out of professional wrestling, it was a cartoonish mauling in which heads rolled as an agitated lusted for more. The Buffalo Bills were sacked twice and gave up 6 sacks.

Clearly the work of a top NFL defense. But despite these problems, the Bills were able to run the ball to help its young quarterbacks right? Wrong. LeSean McCoy only had 22 yards rushing and the short passing game was nonexistent.

Kyle Silagyl, a writer for the Buffalo Bills gave his thoughts on the game. "The Bills couldn't get anything going in the passing game. They struggled to gain yardage on the ground, as well. The offense failed to make plays, and didn't pick up a first down until the third quarter."

Lamar Jackson gets playing time in the first game of the season

While it was no surprise to anyone that Lamar Jackson would play on Sunday, it was pondered how he would fit into the offense, and what plays would he be featured in.

Well, that was answered some on Sunday. Mainly he was featured in RPO (run-pass-option) plays, which adds a new wrinkle to the Ravens offense. He showed that he was a rookie as he didn't complete 3 of his passes, but he made plays with his legs.

He lined up as a wide receiver, quarterback, and running back in the first quarter as John Eisenberg wrote. Even the featured package plays for Jackson turned him into being a decoy as well as him passing, and running. It creates a new element for the Ravens offense and makes their opponents wonder how Jackson will be used. Jackson finished 1/4 for 24 yards and led a touchdown drive. Up next for the Ravens is the Cincinatti Bengals on Thursday night.