After a wild opening Sunday in the NFL, Monday night saw the New York Jets face the Detroit Lions. The Lions have an experienced starting quarterback and a brand new head coach, while the Jets have a young up and coming team and decided to start rookie quarterback Sam Darnold.

It was only last week that the Jets decided to start Sam Darnold after the team traded away Teddy Bridgewater to the New Orleans Saints. One would think that the Lions starting quarterback would show that being the veteran player, he wouldn't let a big stage like Monday Night Football intimidate him.

However, that wasn't the case.

Jeremy Bergman, an NFL .com writer gave his thoughts on the game and the quarterback play of both teams. Of Stafford, Bergman says, "The Lions looked like the better team for about 15 seconds, and then Matthew Stafford happened. Stafford himself through four interceptions, one of which was returned for six points."

Aside from that he suffered two apparent injuries to his upper and lower body but continued to play. Bergman goes on to say that with Stafford throwing the Lions out of this game, surely the running game would pick up the slack right? Nope. Detroit's running game was nonexistent. In fact, the three running backs Detroit used combined for just 39 yards.

Matt Patricia, the new head coach of the Lions, had to be thinking that with his offense looking flat and playing terrible, his defense would be good enough to keep the game close.

That didn't happen either. Matt Bergman wrote that it had to be difficult for Patricia to see what was unfolding before his eyes.

After all, it was Matt Patricia that was the defensive mastermind for several of the New England Patriots Super Bowl-winning defenses.

The Lions defensively gave up 354 yards and 18 first downs, which in the big picture isn't really that bad, but considering how bad Detroit lost, it was really bad. In fact, Matt Patricia was the sixth first-year head coach to lose his opening game in the first week of the season.

Sam Darnold shines in the first game of the season

The New York Jets drafted a rookie quarterback with the third overall pick in this year's draft and going into the season, it was discussed if Sam Darnold would even play this year, let alone start.

Well after seeing Darnold in the preseason the Jets decided to have him start. By starting Darnold, he became the youngest starting quarterback in NFL history at 21 years old. However, early on in the game, Sam Darnold made history. According to Rich Cimini of ESPN, Darnold made history by throwing an interception on his first attempt.

This interception was returned for a touchdown by the Lions safety Quandre Diggs. Sam Darnold joined Brett Favre and Jameis Winston as the only quarterbacks to throw an interception that was returned for a touchdown on their first pass attempt.

Surely this had to please the Lions, and this interception had to make the media wonder why in the world Sam Darnold was starting as a rookie given what just happened. But Sam Darnold gathered himself and played very well after that.

After throwing the pick-six interception, Sam Darnold would complete 16 of 21 passes and throw for 198 yards and two touchdowns, Rich Cimini wrote.

The Jets offensive coordinator, Jeremy Bates wanted to show why Darnold was the quarterback the Jets have been longing for since Joe Nameth. But Jets fans had to feel dread after his first pass was picked off and returned for a touchdown. But Sam Darnold gathered himself and showed his mental toughness by completing 11 of his next 14 passes and giving the Jets a seven-point lead at halftime.

At the start of the second half, the New York Jets would take command of the game by scoring 21 points in 2 minutes and 36 seconds as the team scored 31 points. Sam Darnold looked and played like an experienced veteran as he completed several third-down passes and threw two long touchdown passes. Clearly, Sam Darnold may be what the Jets are hoping for.

Jets defense and special teams have reason to celebrate

If Sam Darnold throwing two touchdown passes wasn't enough the New York Jets got contributions from its defense and special teams in its route of the Lions. Jeremy Bergman wrote that "With the Jets scoring on offense, defense, and special teams in 2 minutes and 36 seconds, it felt like the world was flipped on its axis, that all that was true was now false and all that was known was now a myth.

This was a new world." This was the first game in five years in which the Jets scored a defensive touchdown as Darron Lee scored on a pick-six of Matt Stafford. New acquisition, Andre Roberts returned a punt 78 yards for a touchdown also. Even the Jets pass rush showed signs of life.

Overall it was an out of body experience for the Jets and their fans. Finally, it looks like the team has a young quarterback that could be special. Maybe drafting this young kid gives the Jets team hope. Sam Darnold clearly out played a ten-year veteran. Let's see what the future holds for the talented young quarterback.