The Los Angeles Clippers are adding a dynamic point of view to their front office this season. The team announced that NBA writer for Sports Illustrated Lee Jenkins would be joining the Clippers front office this upcoming season. Jenkins will come to the team as Executive Director of Research and Identity, first reported as "Executive Director of Research and Insight." There has been little information as to what his job will include in relation to research and identity, but the Los Angeles Clippers believe his talents bring them something that no other NBA team has.

Jenkins talents with Clippers is a one of a kind

As Executive Director of Research and Identity Jenkins will work with Clippers President of Basketball Operations Lawrence Frank, general manager Michael Winger, and the rest of the basketball operations staff. The team is apparently "banking that his talents can significantly impact a front office's basketball operations," according to a tweet from ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski.

In a statement to Wojnarowski, Jenkins talked about what process he'll try to bring to the Clippers team and expressed his excitement about making a contribution to the Clippers' success.

"This team is interested, not just in what players do, but who they are - how they are wired, how they're motivated, and that's an area I love to explore," Jenkins explained in his statement.

Frank, who has been with the Clippers in some capacity since 2014, was certainly excited to bring a different perspective to player evaluations in Southern California.

Frank said in a news release, "Given Lee's talent, knowledge, and credibility, we hope to blend his approach with our existing evaluation systems and highlight the personalities of our players."

The team called the new role the first of its kind around the league.

Jenkins new position is not a writing one

In his new position, Jenkins says that writing will not be a focal point of his duties.

He becomes the second basketball writer, out of Sports Illustrated, to venture into an NBA front office after Luke Winn took a job, with the Toronto Raptors this past year, as Director of Prospect Strategy.

The 40-year-old Jenkins who hails from Southern California joined Sports Illustrated in 2007 as a senior writer. Over his 11 years at SI, he has been mainly covering the NBA, which includes his better-known player profiles of basketballs biggest superstars.