The Chicago Cubs are getting very close to wrapping up yet another battle for the NL Central crown. With the team's magic number shrinking to six on Saturday night, the chances of the Milwaukee Brewers and the St. Louis Cardinals catching them are very slim. Despite that, the winning pitcher from Sunday's game made it clear to the Chicago Tribune that the team is far from deciding the season is over and it's time to pop champagne corks. "Whoa, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves,” Lester told the paper when he was asked if he was anticipating clinching the division.

Reason to be cautious for the Chicago Cubs

While some might think Lester is just spewing the usual textbook talk about how the team can't afford to be overconfident, he has a point. The Cubs have not exactly been playing great baseball in the second half of the season. They weren't really playing great baseball in the first half of the season either. Injuries have been a part of that, so has a poor approach at the plate.

While the team did score eight runs to beat the Whitesox on Saturday, the offense has been anything other impressive. The team has also had some problems with its bullpen. The team has just a 2.5 game lead. The Cubs are in a pretty good spot with just a week to go in the season, but they haven't clinched anything yet.

If the Brewers were able to get red hot, and the Cubs were to go ice cold once again, the race could get even more interesting than it is already.

Lester's up and down season for the Chicago Cubs

As Bleacher Nation points out, it was a pretty good night for the Cubs, because the Brewers lost, setting them back to 2.5 games. They had been creeping ever closer, especially after a Cubs loss on Friday and a Milwaukee win.

It makes sense that of all the Cubs who are not willing to pronounce the season over it would be Lester.

Chicago's top starting pitcher has a very good record this season but he's also had some really bad starts. Even Saturday night, he managed to go just five innings. He allowed three runs in those five innings and left the game with just a two-run lead.

The Cubs have one more game against the Chicago Whitesox on Sunday. Then they begin the official stretch run. One reason why Lester isn't willing to celebrate is that the Cardinals still have an outside shot at catching up. Monday starts a four-game set against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Meanwhile, the Cards will take on the Brewers. At the end of next week, the Chicago Cubs will take on the Cardinals while the Brewers end their regular season against the hapless Detroit Tigers.