The Buffalo Bills had a tough start to their NFL season in Week 1, on the road, losing 47-3 to the Baltimore Ravens. In that game, the Bills couldn't even manage to get a first down in the first half. The defense, which allowed 47 points, wasn't any better. Against the Chargers, the first half was a similar story.

The Bills forced one three-and-out but allowed the Chargers to march down the field and score four touchdowns. Philip Rivers and his receivers were picking up yardage at will. Melvin Gordon had three touchdowns in one half. And Josh Allen, the Bills starting quarterback, couldn't get anything going.

Buffalo did manage to score three points just before halftime, but that wasn't enough for Vontae Davis.

Davis says goodbye

According to multiple Buffalo Bills players, Davis decided to quit on his team, leaving at halftime.

As bad as the game was, it's hard to imagine just leaving your team and giving up on the players that you call your brothers. But Davis decided that he'd had enough, and now he will have to deal with the consequences of his actions. Lorenzo Alexander doesn't look too happy about it in the video below.

And it seems likely that Vontae will be out of a job as a cornerback prior to Week 3.

He's certainly not welcome around Rafael Bush, who would prefer that Vontae doesn't step foot in the Buffalo Bills locker room again. Keep in mind that part of the problems on defense during Sunday's game could be attributed to Davis, who struggled to cover opposing Chargers receivers. Thankfully, Buffalo wasn't a total embarrassment in the second half.

Buffalo Bills Second Half

The Buffalo Bills offense drove straight down the field to start the second half and scored a touchdown on a one-yard run from running back Chris Ivory.

Then the defense came back out onto the field. And forced a three-and-out. Without Vontae Davis. It probably didn't hurt that Josh Allen was screaming at the defense at halftime to turn up the intensity.

The defense played much better without Davis in the second half, allowing just three points for the rest of the game. Unfortunately, the Bills offense couldn't score enough points to make the game close again. The Chargers won 31-20, but it was a much better game than the one in Baltimore.

The next time the Buffalo Bills take the field on defense, it will be without Vontae Davis. But fans, coaches, and the players in the Bills locker room would prefer to be without a guy who walks out on their team at halftime. Top fantasy football running backs for Week 2 include Jordan Howard. I also suggest picking up Philip Lindsay for your Week 2 fantasy football teams.