Reports are circulating Monday (August 20) that Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer is going to learn his fate by Thursday (August 23) of this week. The Buckeyes coach has been on administrative leave since shortly after the Big Ten Media Days. It was during his appearance in front of the press that led to the suspension. During those days, Meyer fired an assistant wide receivers coach when it came to light the coach, Zach Smith, was accused of repeatedly abusing his now ex-wife.

Meyer was asked about the firing and he claimed he never knew about the accusations, hinting that they might be made up.

One day after that response, reports circulated that Meyer had not only been told but had actually talked to Smith about the abuse allegations years earlier. His dishonesty landed him a suspension while Ohio State looked into the situation.

Urban Meyer could get suspended for the time he already missed

Now that Ohio State has officially ended the investigation, the next step is to meet with the board of trustees and decide a proper punishment for what was discovered. While there have been whispers that Urban Meyer was going to be fired, the leaks coming from those in the know, today, seem to indicate he will get a suspension but will keep his job.

What could infuriate the Buckeye's head coach's detractors is there seems to be a push to point out that he's already been out for more than two weeks without pay.

If there is a suspension on the horizon, folks around the university believe he's already served it. While the Ohio State players would likely be more than happy to see their coach on the sidelines, there are plenty who would find that punishment rather light.

Ohio State could catch fire from both sides

When it comes to Urban Meyer, there are people on both sides voicing their opinion about what should happen.

Some have said that because he seemed to be accepting of an assistant coach that clearly had problems, it's time for him to hit the road. Others have said this is the kind of behavior he exhibited in Florida and that behavior eventually led to him retiring.

The other side of the argument is that none of the actions Zach Smith committed were committed by Urban Meyer.

Smith is an adult who wasn't under the direct control of Meyer during his personal life. Ohio State is expected to announce what it is going to do later in the week, most likely on Thursday or Friday (August 24). When they do, we'll finally know whether we can expect to see Urban Meyer on the Buckeyes' sideline this fall.

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