The Nebraska football team just cannot stop getting bad news. The latest piece of bad news heading into the first game of the season is that 2019 running back commit, Ronald Thompkins, is going to miss the rest of his senior season. Thompkins, who plays for Grayson High in Georgia went down with an injury during the first half of his team's first game of the year. Husker Corner originally reported it wasn't known just how serious the injury was. On Tuesday morning it was announced Thompkins had a complete tear in one of his ACLs. Those kinds of injuries are always season enders.

Nebraska football suffers another setback

The really bad news for Thompkins is that this isn't the first time the running back has suffered an ACL tear. He spent most of 2017 on the sidelines after suffering a tear in his other knee. This was supposed to be his big comeback year. This was supposed to be the season he showed the world why the Nebraska Football team was so lucky to get him. Instead, he's going to spend the next several months rehabbing his knee and attempting to get back on the field in 2019.

The good news, the silver lining if there is one, is that ACL injuries are no longer career enders, even if they are season enders. It doesn't appear even two ACL tears are career enders as long as Ronald Thompkins makes sure he is working and rehabbing the injury. The real negative, in terms of the injury, is that the Grayson star was showing exactly why he has been hyped as a top-flight recruit.

The Gwinnett Gap reports Thompkins had over 50 yards on five carries. The hit that ended his season came on a 21-yard dash.

Huskers bad run keeps on coming

The news on Tuesday that Thompkins is going to be sitting out the rest of season came in the wake of what has been a steady string of bad news. Running back Tre Bryant, rehabbing from his own knee injury, called it a career last Friday.

This came after defensive back Will Jackson and linebacker Avery Roberts announced they would be transferring. Offensive lineman Jalin Roberts also announced his retirement from football due to multiple concussions.

On Tuesday morning, the Nebraska football team also lost their backup quarterback, Tristan Gebbia. Gebbia found out he would be the backup on Sunday and almost immediately decided he would transfer as well. The news that Ronald Thompkins will miss the season means the Nebraska football team has just one healthy running back commit in the 2019 class.