When the 2018 NBA offseason started, people assumed that LeBron James would remain "home" with the Cleveland Cavaliers or move to the West Coast to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. He ended up choosing the Lakers and unlike past moves, LeBron chose not to do it via a television special or by writing a long essay. Instead, he just had his agent send a strange text message to the Lakers' GM and then spoke to Magic Johnson privately. Until now, James had not said why he joined the Lakers but on Sunday he finally revealed his reason through his online platform titled Uninterrupted.

LeBron on why he joined the Lakers

LeBron James spoke about growing up as a sports fan and said he was a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bulls and New York Yankees. LeBron was always a fan of the biggest teams in the world in their respective sports -- the Cowboys when they were winning three Super Bowls, the Bulls when Michael Jordan was the king of the NBA and the Yankees -- easily the most successful franchise in American sports history.

However, while LeBron was a Bulls fan, he said that he knows how great the Los Angeles Lakers are as a historic franchise. He said that playing for a franchise as steeped in history as the Lakers and working alongside a legend like Magic Johnson is a dream come true.

He also said that when he was growing up, he dreamed of being as great as Magic and now he gets to work for the man.

LeBron talks about dreams coming true

While LeBron James called playing for the Los Angeles Lakers a dream come true, he also has worked on making other dreams come true for kids back home in Cleveland.

Today was the first day of school for a new school in Akron, Ohio, for at-risk kids.

The school is called the I Promise School and has an enrollment of 240 at-risk students and it is supported by the LeBron James Family Foundation, which exists to help children thrive even if they live in difficult situations.

LeBron said that he knows these kids even more than they know themselves because he walked the same streets and shared the same emotions -- the good and the bad.

James said that he has the resources and finance to help put this school together to help these kids succeed in life.

LeBron James actually approached the Akron school board about creating this public school and the board oversaw the curriculum creation while James served as the primary source of money. There will be accelerated learning to catch kids who fell behind up and services to help combat factors outside the classroom to help kids as well.