There have been 17 occurrences of a player winning the Triple Crown, in baseball history, meaning that they led their respective league in batting average, home runs, and RBIs.

Of those 17, only six times the Triple Crown winner was the leader in all of baseball in the three categories. The last time a player led not just their league, but all of MLB, in batting average, home runs, and RBIs was Mickey Mantle back in 1956. It was also done by Ted Williams in 1942, Lou Gehrig in 1934, Rogers Hornsby in 1925, Ty Cobb in 1909, and Paul Hines in 1878.

With a little over a month remaining in the regular season, J.D. Martinez has the opportunity to win a Triple Crown in the American League and lead all of baseball in the three categories. He has had a magnificent first season with the Red Sox. recently posted an article on how he could take home Triple Crown honors. He currently is the MLB leader in home runs and RBIs while sitting second in batting average.

Batting average

Martinez is hitting .332 which is 12 points behind his teammate Mookie Betts’ MLB-leading .344 batting average. Martinez has made up some ground though batting .347 since the All-Star break compared to Betts’ mark of .304.

Other than Betts, the stiffest competition is likely to come from three-time American League batting champ, Jose Altuve, who checks in batting .329.

He was on the 10-day DL but according to CBS Sports, he could return to action on Tuesday.

There are only four other hitters within 20 points of Martinez’s batting average: Freddie Freeman (.322), Nick Markakis (.318), Jean Segura (.315), and Scooter Gennett (.312).

Home runs

While Martinez's 38 home runs are leading the majors, there are a few other players nipping at his heels.

Two players, Khris Davis and Jose Ramirez, are just one homer behind with 37. The red-hot Matt Carpenter and equally on fire Giancarlo Stanton have 34 and 32 respectively.

The other players who currently have at least 30 home runs on the season thus far are Joey Gallo (32), Nolan Arenado (30), Bryce Harper (30), Nelson Cruz (30), and Mike Trout (30).


Martinez is still the only player who has reached the triple-digit mark in RBIs as he currently has 106. He has averaged nearly an RBI per game (26 in 27 games) since the All-Star break.

There is only one player that is even within 13 of his RBI total. That is Khris Davis, who is one away from the century mark with 99.

The only two other players who have at least 90 are Eugenio Suarez (92) and Jose Ramirez (91).