The Boston Red Sox have finally inked their man. While winter is still holding on in much of United States, the boys of summer are already working out down south and out west as we are just over six weeks away from the return of MLB baseball! After today's big news, Red Sox fans are wishing the season started tomorrow. With spring training games officially getting underway for several teams this Friday, February 23, Las Vegas oddsmakers are posting their favorites for the upcoming season, and already we have seen a slight change before the action has begun.

JD Martinez to Boston

It has been no surprise that the Boston Red Sox and right fielder Jd Martinez have been eyeing each other since the 2017 season ended. Well, the drama finally ended Monday night, as Martinez agreed in principle on a deal. The Red Sox official Twitter page had fans buzzing when they sent out a pretty odd tweet with just a pair of eyes.

That single message from the Red Sox brass sent the Boston faithful searching to see what was behind those eyes, and it turned out to be a very late, but well worth waiting for, Christmas gift.

According to, Martinez agreed to a five-year contract worth approximately $110 million. While he didn’t get anywhere near the $200 plus million he was searching for, JD didn’t do too bad.

He can also opt out of his deal after two seasons. The signing has had an early effect on the World Series odds as well. Boston has reportedly jumped from 12/1 to 10/1 following the Martinez deal.

Yankees are early Vegas favorites

Adding a slugger like Martinez was something the Red Sox badly wanted to do -- and almost became a must after the Yankees traded for Giancarlo Stanton this offseason.

After a successful 2017 season, the New York Yankees have caught the attention of Vegas handicappers everywhere as they are the early favorites to win the 2018 World Series. Now, keep this in mind. Last season not much was expected from New York. In fact, they began the season anywhere between 20 to 30/1 depending on which sportsbook you looked at.

Here are the current odds to win the 2018 World Series:

  • New York Yankees 5/1
  • Houston Astros 6/1
  • Los Angeles Dodgers 6/1
  • Cleveland Indians 8/1
  • Washington Nationals 8/1
  • Chicago Cubs 10/1
  • Boston Red Sox 10/1
  • Los Angeles Angels 20/1
  • New York Mets 20/1
  • St. Louis Cardinals 20/1
  • Arizona Diamondbacks 25
  • Milwaukee Brewers 25
  • San Francisco Giants 25
  • Toronto Blue Jays 25
  • Colorado Rockies 33
  • Seattle Mariners 33
  • Minnesota Twins 50
  • Baltimore Orioles 66
  • Tampa Bay Rays 66
  • Texas Rangers 66
  • Philadelphia Phillies 80
  • Pittsburgh Pirates 80
  • Atlanta Braves 100
  • Chicago White Sox 100
  • Kansas City Royals 100
  • Oakland Athletics 100
  • Cincinnati Reds 125
  • San Diego Padres 125
  • Detroit Tigers 250
  • Miami Marlins 250