Fans may soon see "Hulkamania" running wild, as the WWE seems to be patching things up with former champion Hulk Hogan. After he was heard making controversial and racist remarks on a leaked recording, WWE shut the door on their former icon. However, now that some time has passed, it appears Hogan could be getting closer to showing up at WWE events again. Recent news that he was reinstated to WWE's Hall of Fame looks like the first step in the process.

Hogan is reinstated to Hall of Fame

WWE promptly cut ties with Hogan after his infamous racist comments had been played all over the internet and elsewhere.

Part of cutting ties with him involved removing Hogan's image from the WWE website, as well as his inclusion in their WWE Hall of Fame. Hogan was originally inducted back in 2005, by actor and friend Sylvester Stallone ("Rocky").

However, it looks like the WWE has changed its minds about Hogan. In a report from Cageside Seats, it's mentioned that Hulk Hogan was officially reinstated into the Hall. It wasn't done quietly either, as WWE posted a press release about it on their official website.

WWE noted in their statement, that Hulk Hogan had been reinstated after a "three-year suspension." The company also brought up Hogan's volunteer work, where he had been helping younger people learn from his mistake.

Hogan's volunteer efforts were enough for him to be inducted into the Boys & Girls Clubs of America Alumni Hall of Fame.

Return to WWE programming next?

As mentioned, it's been a three-year "distancing" between the WWE and the pro Wrestling star. The WWE terminated its contract with Hogan back on July 24, 2015, due to his racial remarks.

He last appeared in a WWE match (or was involved in one) during WWE's "WrestleMania 31." Hogan came out with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash for an NWO reunion. They entered the ring to have Sting's back in his match against Triple H, who recently returned for Hell in a Cell.

Since WWE distanced itself from him, Hulk Hogan has made repeated public apologies for the racial slurs he used.

Along with the recent Boys & Girls Club HOF induction for his volunteer work, WWE felt it was time to open the doors again for a relationship. He is now back in the Hall of Fame, which he earned during his wrestling career.

That could indicate that the "Hulkster" will be making a surprise return for an upcoming event. However, WWE may try to distance itself from him just a bit more before they do that. Some WWE fans are already posting on social media that Hogan could return as early as the "Extreme Rules 2018" pay-per-view, which takes place Sunday (July 15).

Another possibility is that Hulk Hogan pops up for "SummerSlam 2018," which is the next big PPV event. Hogan could help to boost the WWE for that event, or even become part of the company's buildup towards "WrestleMania 35" in 2019.

As he nears 65 years old, it's unlikely that Hogan is going to provide any future five-star matches for WWE. However, his presence to promote matches, television programs, the WWE Network, or pay-per-views, may help to some extent.