Dennis Rodman is a legendary NBA player who visited North Korea several times as a part of Basketball diplomacy. In the course of these visits, he set up a rapport with Kim Jong-un, and the two became friends. Rodman now wants to bring Kanye West to the hermit kingdom so that the rapper could get inspiration to make an album.

Daily Mail UK reports that Rodman feels that they would be there for a week and Kanye could go ahead and make an album about the country and what he observes. He could do that within six to seven days.

Rodman confided to a media outlet that “If the door's open in September, I will invite Kanye West with me to go to North Korea with me.”

Rodman and basketball diplomacy

Basketball helped Dennis Rodman to make inroads into the fortress of Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea. Rodman visited Pyongyang more than once and has spent time with Kim. It was the common passion of the game that helped the bonding. It happened at a time when Kim was pursuing his nuclear ambitions, and there was visible unrest. Dennis feels he laid the groundwork that led to the summit in Singapore between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un in June.

Rodman and Kanye West met in a rally in Washington DC last March. It was the Black Lives Matter rally.

Later, Rodman sent Kanye a personally signed Chicago Bulls jersey, and they bonded about Chicago. That is where the rapper comes from. The two of them have taken a photo together, and both have expressed their support for President Donald Trump in public. Rodman appreciates the work done by Kanye and has high hopes.

He says “hopefully one day we'll get together and collaborate on certain things.”

Dennis Rodman wants to help

The basketball diplomacy in North Korea by the NBA legend Dennis Rodman certainly helped smoothen relations between the United States and North Korea. Tensions were high when Kim Jong-un welcomed Rodman, and their friendship opened up possibilities of a breakthrough.

According to Sky News, Dennis Rodman now wants to introduce Kanye West to Kim Jong-un. Rodman feels that meeting could influence Kanye to write a song about North Korea. Both of them love US President Donald Trump and have donned the 'Make America Great Again' caps.

Speaking to a section of the media, Rodman had referred to a number of threats he received to his life because of his visits to Pyongyang and proximity to Kim Jong-un. However, he was confident that the situation would change, and it has. He had described the US-North Korea summit of June as "amazing."