Daniel Bryan’s return to the Wrestling ring is without a doubt one of the biggest things to come out this year in professional wrestling. The former WWE and World Heavyweight champion had spent the past couple of years collecting opinions from various concussion and head trauma experts all for the purpose of proving to WWE doctors that he has fully healed from a spine injury that temporarily derailed his career in 2016.

Bryan was given the chance to open up during his appearance on the "Talk is Jericho" podcast with fellow pro-wrestling superstar Chris Jericho.

In that same interview, the current "SmackDown" superstar revealed that he was actually planning to take his talent to prominent indy wrestling promotions like Ring of Honor and Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre, and WWE’s emerging competition, New Japan Pro Wrestling, if he didn’t receive the green light from WWE doctors to make his wrestling comeback.

“I wanted to go to New Japan, Ring of Honor and CMLL. I’ve done a little bit in Mexico, but I always wanted to do – even though there’s no money there, like in comparison, I wanted to do like mask and hair matches and all that kind of stuff.”

Daniel Bryan would have been 'all in'

Another revelation Bryan made during the podcast was the plan to go up against the Bullet Club.

He thought playing the role of the nemesis to the hottest stable in pro wrestling would elevate independent wrestling to another level. Bryan stressed that he intended to execute his anti-Bullet club campaign until Jericho did just that by feuding with stable leader Kenny Omega. The Jericho-Omega rivalry culminated in a five-star match at "WrestleKingdom 12" last January.

It’s worth mentioning that Cody Rhodes really attempted to enlist Daniel Bryan’s star power for his Bullet Club-financed show in Chicago, Bullet Club "All In" on September 1. Bryan’s appearance in New Japan or even at the "All In" would have been a monumental moment for pro wrestling outside the WWE conglomerate. Just imagine the epic matches bookers would have made in NJPW.

He could have five-star matches with Omega, Rhodes, Okada, and Naito even on a bad day.

More WWE rumors

Alexa Bliss is fine. Apparently, the Goddess of WWE’s women’s division is okay after WWE reported that she suffered a shoulder injury during a "RAW" women’s title match with Nia Jax on Sunday at "Backlash."

Bliss, a four-time women’s champion, had a triple-threat title match with Jax and Bayley on the first night of the WWE’s UK Tour. According to fans in the stadium, Bliss didn’t seem bothered at all as she finished the match without showing any signs of pain in the reported injured shoulder.

This was confirmed in Jax’s Twitter post claiming that her rival was just faking the injury.

Perhaps Bliss’ injury is all part of the storyline. It’s weird because their match at "Backlash" was supposed to end their current feud. Does this mean WWE fans will get another Jax vs. Bliss match at "Money in the Bank"?