Daniel Bryan seems to be doing a fine job as WWE SmackDown general manager though his competitive fire remains. Failing to get medical clearance, it is the closest the former WWE heavyweight champion can do for now.

Interest in a possible WWE return by Bryan has died down the past months. The former champion may be busy working with the creative team for his GM role and attending to his family. Aside from that, Bryan has been getting treatment to maintain his health.

Daniel Bryan could pull a surprise

According to Bryan’s wife, Brie Bella, Daniel has been getting Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) to address his condition.

For those who are hearing it for the first time, HBOT is the use of high-pressure oxygen as a drug to treat basic pathophysiologic processes and diseases, Cageside Seats reported.

Brie reveals that Daniel has been treated 40 times though it is no assurance that he will be returning to the WWE ring soon. There is a chance and the semi-retired actress/wrestler will support whatever her hubby decides.

Passion and family

There is no denying Bryan has that fire inside which is tempting him to compete once more. Aside from his medical condition, he needs to consider his family in the process. He has a daughter to think about which is another point he needs to take into account before pursuing his passion and dream.

Brie is aware of the dream that Daniel wants and says she will not stand in the way. The only condition is for her husband to get the green light to return to wrestling.

Being a wrestler herself, Brie understands why Daniel would want to return to the ring. If the WWE bars Bryan from returning even if medically cleared, the former Divas champion adds that she will support him even if he returns to wrestling somewhere else.

It is a risk worth taking?

News of Bryan getting therapy is good although risks will always be in the air. Brie supports the passion but the only person who can decide in the end is Daniel.

Assuming that the concussion issue is addressed, a return to the ring will open his body to other threats. At 36, future injuries are expected and the healing process is expected to take longer.

Sum it all up, the risks of wrestling will still be there and Bryan cannot avoid them so it all boils down to how the former WWE champion assesses his predicament. He could tone down his moves unless adrenaline pushes him to do the inevitable.

WWE fans would love to see Bryan back in the ring but not at the risk of seeing him permanently grounded. Now blessed with a family, the “Yes Man” may want to do some deep soul-searching before making a final decision.