On Sunday night (May 6), professional Wrestling fans watched for the latest WWE "Backlash 2018" results including both women's championships on the line. In one match, Nia Jax would defend the WWE "Raw" Women's Championship she won at "WrestleMania 34" from Alexa Bliss. For weeks, Alexa has tried to campaign against Nia as being a "bully" but the women's champion hasn't fallen for the mind games. Here's what went down during Sunday's "Backlash" results for the "Raw" women's title match.

Bliss' strategy

Alexa Bliss would make her entrance without her friend Mickie James, going at it alone in tonight's match.

Early on, Nia Jax gained control after blocking Alexa's attempt to strike her. Jax would toss Alexa across the ring several times like a ragdoll and eventually knocked her outside of the ring. Bliss would recover as the referee started to count her out, but it was here where she found a way to get back into the match. As Alexa got onto the apron, Nia came after her but Bliss managed to kick her in the legs. With Nia grounded, Alexa was able to get in plenty of chops, kicks, and slaps, while also calling Nia a bully along the way.

Eventually, Nia had enough of being called a bully by Bliss and was able to clothesline her down.

She would go for a Samoan Drop and tried to take it to the corner, but Alexa Bliss was able to use the corner as a way to regain an edge with a hold around Nia's Jax. Moments later, Nia backed her into the corner to get Alexa off her. Nia tossed Alexa around some more but when she got on the corner, Alexa rushed over to push her off.

Jax hit the apron hard and fell to the outside.


As Nia Jax was being counted out, Bliss had no choice but to go outside and try to bring her back in. First, she'd slam Nia face first into the steel steps. From there she helped to assist Nia back into the ring and then went for a quick pinfall with Nia kicking out of it.

Bliss had another clever move when she knocked Nia's leg out from her on the corner and went for another pinfall.

Moments later, Bliss would have control of things and decided to go for her finisher, Twisted Bliss. However, Jax was back up to her feet and caught Alexa as she jumped. The reigning women's champion converted that into a Samoan Drop to slam Alexa to the mat for the pinfall win.

With that, Nia Jax will leave WWE "Backlash 2018" as the "Raw" Women's Champion. After the win, Renee Young interviewed Nia in the ring asking her what the latest win meant.

Nia said it meant that Alexa's "Moment of Bliss" is now over. She dedicated the win to anyone who has been bullied anywhere whether in the workplace, at school, or on social media. Nia told everyone to celebrate their uniqueness and that "bullies never win."