After two horrible games in Houston, Stephen Curry finally found his rhythm in Game 3, scoring 18 points in the third quarter on 7-of-7 shooting to help the Warriors easily blow past the Rockets by 41 points. Yes, you read that correctly. 41 points. A report by the Washington Post provided information used in this article.

Curry looked out of sync in the first half, but he came out attacking in the third period, making shots virtually from anywhere on the court. In games 1 and 2, he essentially had the same looks but wasn’t hitting his shots. The Warriors heavily leaned on Kevin Durant to carry them in the first two games.

Durant was able to successfully help his team take Game 1, but he didn’t get enough help in Game 2, especially since Golden State wasn’t playing defense at all. Curry most recently returned from a knee injury that sidelined him for over a month. He came back in Game 2 of the semifinals against the New Orleans Pelicans and played well in his return. However, he showed signs of inconsistency after that game.

Golden state of mind when Curry is at his best

Curry’s explosion in Game 3 against the Rockets proved that the Warriors are nearly impossible to beat when he plays at that level. When you have Durant scoring at ease and Curry catching fire from the perimeter, Golden State’s offense is unstoppable.

“I’ve seen those explosions happen here and everywhere,” Draymond Green said after the game. “His three is similar to some people’s dunks. You go to certain arenas and a guy gets a dunk and it’s just absurd. That’s how [Curry’s] three-ball is.”

It basically breaks down an opponent’s defense because not only are you concerned about Curry and Durant, but you have to also focus on Klay Thompson, which then also frees up Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala to freely create plays for themselves as well.

Game 3 speaks for itself. The Rockets gave up 126 points and allowed the Warriors to shoot north of 52 percent from the field. There is absolutely no way they can stop those barrages from Curry and the Warriors, and when Steph plays at that level, no team in the league has a chance.

Curry has his groove back

It’s now safe to say that Curry has his groove back, and he will most likely play at a high level the rest of the way, which spells trouble for the top-seeded Rockets.

If the Warriors are going to get major production from Curry as they did on Sunday, this is going to be a very short series. The dominance that the Warriors showed over the Rockets on Sunday evening was impressive and proved to the rest of the league that no one can beat them. Curry hopes to maintain the same level of play in Game 4, which is on Tuesday (May 22) at 9 PM ET on TNT. If the Warriors win that game, they will essentially have the series locked down.