Matt Harvey was the first round pick (number seven overall) in the 2010 draft by the Mets. Drafting him that early had the Mets front office expecting that he would be the future of the team. The first two years in the big leagues (2012 and 2013) saw Harvey do well as in those two seasons, he combined to get 261 strikeouts over 177 hits given up in 237/2 innings pitched. The 2014 season saw Harvey sidelined as he went under the knife because of Tommy John surgery. 2015 saw him come back strong as he won 13 games with an earned run average of 2.71 with 188 strikeouts over 156 hits given up.

Come 2016 and ever since it has been a disaster for him. The 2016 season saw him be nowhere near his former self as he won only four games and lost 10 with an earned run average of 4.86 and gave up 111 hits while only striking out 76. A lot of people thought 2016 was just a really bad season for him and that he'd bounce back in 2017 but the didn't as again he had a losing record with an earned run average of 6.70 with 110 hits given up over 67 strikeouts.

This season, he has done even worse as he currently has an earned run average of 7.00 with an opponent average of .303. The New York Mets have decided they have had enough of him and have announced that they have DFA'd (Designated for assignment) Harvey since he refused to report to the minors.

With Harvey now a free agent, here are some teams that could sign him.

Minnesota Twins

Last season, the Twins brought in Bartolo Colon when he was DFA'd by the Braves. Last year, Colon brought into Minnesota a record of two wins and eight losses with an earned run average of 8.14. He also had an ugly opponent average of .338 with the Braves as he gave up 92 hits while only whiffing 42.

With Harvey's struggles with the Mets, the Twins could potentially bring him in like they did with Colon last year. The Twins rotation hasn't been spectacular this year as newcomer Lance Lynn who they signed to a one-year deal for $12 million in the off-season hasn't won a game this year yet and has an earned run average of 8.37.

While the Twins do have a full rotation with five starters, they could potentially get creative and bring in Harvey to form a six-man rotation. They could also send down Fernando Romero who just made his MLB debut on Wednesday but he did do well in his first career start. The Twins also have Ervin Santana on the disabled list who is expected to come back in late May- early June.

Coming to the Twins could benefit Harvey as the Twins are in a weak division. The AL Central features the Tigers, Royals and White Sox who are all rebuilding and aren't strong offensive teams (especially the Tigers and Royals). Playing for the Twins in the AL Central could help Harvey attempt to turn his career around.

Los Angeles Angels

The Angels rotation has been very shaky for the past few seasons and this year's rotation is better than previous seasons' but it is a risky rotation.

The Angels have two-way player Shohei Ohtani, who both pitches and hits at the big league level. While he is a force on the mound, he can't be heavily relied on, as being a two-way player at the highest level is hard on the body. He has shown that it is a challenge as he has already dealt with a blister issue and an ankle injury. He also has a partial tear in his throwing elbow which he tore back in his home country of Japan. Other than his earned run average of 4.43, he has done pretty well on the bump for the Halos.

The Angels have Garrett Richards who also can't be relied on, due to his injury history.

Like Ohtani, Richards has a tear in his throwing elbow which has limited him to 12 starts over the past two seasons. Richards falls in the same situation as Ohtani, as other than his earned run average of 4.88, he has started off the season well as he has 37 strikeouts while only giving up 23 hits.

With two pitchers in the Angels rotation having elbow issues in previous years, the Angels would be smart to add another starter. The Angels could bring in Harvey to form a six-man rotation or send down Jaime Barria who has been up and down with the big league club this season.

Tampa Bay Rays

Going into the season, Rays manager Kevin Cash said that he would deploy a four-man rotation instead of the typical five-man rotation.

They actually entered the season with a three-man rotation that consisted of Chris Archer, Blake Snell, and Jake Faria.

Archer hasn't been himself so far this season as he currently has an earned run average of 6.05 with an opponent average of .299 as he has so far given up more hits than strikeouts. Archer is probably just enduring a bad stretch and will find a way to get back on track as he is known as a strikeout machine and had 230+ strikeout batters in the past three seasons.

Blake Snell has been terrific for the Rays this season as so far he has four wins over one loss and has whiffed 45 batters while only giving up 28 hits. Control has always been an issue for him but he has shown no signs of struggling with his control as he has only walked 12 batters 42/1 innings so far this year.

He also currently has an earned run average of 2.55.

Jake Faria made his debut last season and finished the 2017 season with an earned run average of 3.43 and whiffed 84 batters, giving up 71 hits. This season, he started off really bad but has improved as of late. His earned run average currently stands at 4.60.

The Rays have juggled through different pitchers to be their fourth starter. They started off with Yonny Chirinos who did well but he is currently on the disabled list with a forearm strain. They have given Andrew Kittredge two starts, Matt Andriese a start and Ryan Yarbrough two starts. The Rays going through different pitchers to start shows that they need a starting pitcher.

The Rays should sign Harvey and they have nothing to lose by doing so.

The Rays are in their rebuilding stages and loses are expected to come with this team. If Harvey comes to the Rays and loses games, then who cares? But if he comes to the Rays and pitches well, the Rays can get themselves a steal. If he can show that he can pitch well consistently, he could potentially be a trade chip next season. The Rays should also bring in Harvey to protect the arms of their younger pitchers and to give them more rest.

Milwaukee Brewers

Last season, the Brewers surprised everyone by only finishing a game out of a playoff spot. The Brewers are inclined to make the playoffs this year which was shown by bringing in Christian Yelich and Lorenzo Cain to bolster their offense. If the Brewers want to be serious contenders, they need to upgrade their rotation.

They currently have Jimmy Nelson on the disabled list who was their best pitcher last year and isn't expected to be back until June at the earliest. They also currently have Zach Davies on the disabled list who won 17 games for the Brew Crew last year.

That leaves the Brewers with four guys in their rotation with Chase Anderson being the only good starting pitcher that's healthy. After Anderson, they got Chacin, Miley, and Guerra who can't be relied on to win games. Chacin currently has an earned run average of 4.54 and an opponent average of .278. Guerra and Miley have combined to make just six starts for the Brewers so far this season.

With the Brewers currently in first place in the NL Central, they need starting pitching to sustain their lead.

The Brewers should bring in Harvey and allow him to start a couple games and if he does well, keep him but if he struggles like he did in New York then they can just cut him loose.

Other teams that could use Harvey include:

Arizona Diamondbacks

  • 3 SP currently on the disabled list (Miller, Walker, and Ray)
  • Walker out for the season
  • If Diamondbacks sign Harvey, when Ray comes back Koch can be moved to the bullpen

Los Angeles Dodgers

  • Ryu out until after the all-star break
  • Hill currently on the disabled list and is injury prone
  • Kershaw has dealt with back injuries in previous two seasons
  • Kershaw has a current record of one win, four losses.

San Francisco Giants

  • Bumgarner currently on the disabled list and isn't expected to return until next month
  • Cueto could be on the disabled list for a long time
  • If Giants sign Harvey, Suarez can be sent down
  • Blach: 4.10 earned run average with 40 hits given up over 20 strikeouts with an opponent average of .280
  • Holland: One win, three losses with an earned run average of 5.70

Seattle Mariners

  • Always in need of pitching
  • Jerry DiPoto is GM

San Diego Padres

  • Not contenders just yet
  • Don't have too much to lose by signing Harvey
  • Mitchell: Three loses with an earned run average of 6.07 with 33 hits given up over 14 strikeouts with an opponent average of .289
  • Laurer (22) could use more seasoning in minors

Chicago White Sox

  • Struggling rotation
  • Currently, have a four-man rotation
  • Giolito: One win, four losses with earned run average of 7.03
  • Shields: 5.35 earned run average
  • Rodon injury prone (currently on dthe isabled list)