Before Tuesday night (May 15), hypothetical projections for the 2018 NBA Draft were just that: hypothetical. Besides failing to invade the minds of front office executives, we didn't even know the order of the first 14 picks for the June draft. Now we do. So let's overreact to Tuesday night's lottery results by debuting a brand new mock draft! Don't worry, there's no chance this order or the list of top prospects will change before June 21 - you can take these predictions to the bank.

1. Phoenix Suns: C DeAndre Ayton, Arizona

The allure of Luka Doncic will be strong.

But the team has a larger need in the frontcourt, especially when it comes to defense. Keeping Ayton in the state where he played his college ball is a neat story as well.

2. Sacramento Kings: SG Luka Doncic, Slovenia

Doncic is widely considered one of the best international prospects of all-time. There's no chance he slips out of the top three. The Kings are in a position to draft the best player available at the second pick.

3. Atlanta Hawks: F Marvin Bagley III, Duke

Mohamed Bamba may be a better fit, but Atlanta is in the market for a star. Bagley was dominant at the college level and is arguably the most polished player in the 2018 NBA Draft this year.

4. Memphis Grizzlies: F Michael Porter Jr., Mizzou

The fit is ironic, to say the least. The Grizzlies need an insurance policy at wing for Chandler Parsons, who will never be the scorer he once was due to injury. So they'll draft a forward who played just a handful of minutes during his lone college season because of an injury.

Grizzlies fans will love that!

5. Dallas Mavericks: C Mohamed Bamba, Texas

Odds are high that Dallas (and much of the NBA) will move on from Nerlens Noel. That will leave a Bamba-sized hole at center. The center already played his college ball in-state, an advantage to the Mavs. His defensive potential could make him the next Tyson Chandler.

6. Orlando Magic: PG Trae Young, Oklahoma

Come on, we all know how this is going down.

7. Chicago Bulls: C Jaren Jackson Jr., Michigan State

With Porter Jr. and Young off the board, the Bulls are forced to move to a backup plan: drafting a player who could eventually displace Robin Lopez at center.

8. Cleveland Cavaliers: SF Mikal Bridges, Villanova

Best player available at this point in the draft. Besides, the team will need a versatile forward when LeBron James leaves for the Los Angeles Lakers this summer.

9. New York Knicks: F Miles Bridges, Michigan State

Early speculation has the Knicks interested in the other Bridges, Mikal. If he's off the board, the team bridges the gap for the other Bridges, a much-needed wing in New York.

10: Philadelphia 76ers: PF Wendell Carter, Duke

The 76ers have their stars of the future at every position - except power forward. No harm in taking a flyer on Carter to join Joel Embiid in the frontcourt.

11. Charlotte Hornets: PG Collin Sexton, Alabama

Sexton's relentless drive and motor could be groomed behind Kemba Walker in Charlotte. Then, in a year, he can replace Walker should the All-Star leave in free agency.

12. Los Angeles Clippers: PF Robert Williams, Texas A&M

Williams is a springy, athletic big who could fill a void that will be left by DeAndre Jordan sooner rather than later. Doc Rivers is going to have to instill some work ethic in this project, though.

13. Los Angeles Clippers: PG Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Kentucky

Have yet to see a mock draft that doesn't have Gilgeous-Alexander going to the Clippers. So it shall be.

14. Denver Nuggets: SF Keita Bates-Diop, Ohio State

Denver is extraordinarily close to breaking through. They could use some veteran pieces to push them through. Bates-Diop obviously isn't an NBA veteran, but he's one of the oldest and wisest players in the draft.