Before Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Boston Celtics forward Marcus Morris made the questionable decision of calling out the Cleveland Cavaliers and claiming that he was better suited to defend LeBron James than anyone in the NBA other than Kawhi Leonard. The Celtics didn't seem to mind the boastful claims and actually put him into the starting lineup for Game 1, in which the Celtics dominated the Cavs and Morris shut down LeBron everytime they lined up against each other. With the final score a blowout win for the Celtics, 108-83, one wonders what happened to Cleveland.

While the real reason is poor shooting, Marcus Morris had other ideas and continues to talk, disrespecting both LeBron and his Cavs teammates.

Marcus Morris' latest comments about Cavs

Marcus Morris didn't say that the Cleveland Cavaliers couldn't make shots against the Boston Celtics. He didn't even really say that his defense of LeBron James was what made the difference in the Game 1 win for Boston. Instead, Morris insulted the entire Cavaliers team and said that "them dudes can't guard." It was a blunt statement that Morris said after the win, and it is one that most of the Cavaliers stars will take seriously.

Just look at the numbers to see if Marcus Morris is bragging or telling the truth.

As a team, the Cavs finished the game with three blocked shots -- two of them by LeBron James and one by Kyle Korver. The team finished with 31 defensive rebounds. but 20 of them were by LeBron, Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson -- who came off the bench. The Cavs had a total of four steals.

Meanwhile, the Boston Celtics outshot the Cleveland Cavaliers all game long.

While the Cavs shot 36-percent from the field and 15.4-percent from beyond the arc, the Celtics show 51.2-percent from the field and 36.7 percent from three-point land. The Cavs couldn't shoot, but they also couldn't stop Boston.

What the Cavaliers have to do in Game 2

The first thing that the Cleveland Cavaliers plan to do in order to reverse their fortunes is to bring Tristan Thompson back into the starting lineup.

According to past numbers, Thompson is historically successful at stopping Al Horford, who scored 20 points on 8-for-10 shooting in the game. Thompson will immediately improve the Cavs defense.

The second thing is for LeBron James to rebound. In the first two rounds, he played poorly in Game 1 only to turn around and dominate the game in Game 2 of both series. Morris bragged that the entire Boston Celtics team did "a great job" in defending LeBron, but whether they can do it for the second game in a row is not going to be easy.