It seems that when playing LeBron James -- who many are calling the best player in NBA history, even above Michael Jordan -- an opponent might not want to say something that could wake up the beast within the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar. Someone should tell that to one Boston Celtics star who made a very braggadocious comment about himself while giving the Cavs and James some bigtime bulletin board material heading into Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. That player was Marcus Morris and his comments might have just destroyed any chance the Celtics have of knocking off the Cavaliers in the Finals, which tips off on Sunday afternoon.

What did the Celtics star say?

Marcus Morris was doing interviews on Saturday about the upcoming Eastern Conference Finals series between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics. Of course, the big question that most reporters have is how does a team stop LeBron James. When asked about that concern, small forward rookie Jayson Tatum said that he has no answers because he is just a rookie.

That was a good answer and one that gives respect to LeBron James before the teams take the court for Game 1 on Sunday. However, someone should tell Marcus Morris about making comments about LeBron. Morris, who plays off the bench at the forward position, believes he is best suited to defend James.

According to Bleacher Report, Morris said: "I think probably the best guy defending him in the league, outside of Kawhi."

And with that, the Boston Celtics went into action to try to wash those comments under the rug.

Guard Jaylon Brown said that there is no one who can successfully defend LeBron James -- saying it is a mismatch no matter who they put on him.

"Physically, he is more superior than any guy that is on the floor," Brown said.

The truth behind Morris' comments

There is no truth behind the comments by Marcus Morris. The Boston Celtics superstar has no evidence to back up the fact that he can defend LeBron James.

Morris ranked 78th in the NBA at the power forward position in defense when it comes to real plus-minus. He also ranks only 75th in defensive win shares.

The Boston Celtics played the Cleveland Cavaliers three time this regular season. In those games, LeBron James averaged a double-double. His numbers were an average of 24 points, 10.3 rebounds and 8.3 assists per game. Marcus Morris played in two of those games and did nothing to stop LeBron and the Cavs.