LeBron James is just too good for the Toronto Raptors. On Tuesday night (May 1), the Raptors hosted James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 1 of a second-round playoff series. The Raptors were supposed to have the advantage, but instead, James and his Cavs stole it away from them. Again. The familiar tale of James dominating the Raptors has another sequel.

It took an overtime period, but LeBron James carried the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 113-112 victory over the Toronto Raptors. He finished with 26 points, 13 assists, and 11 rebounds, doing it all in 47 minutes of action.

Yes, it was yet another postseason triple-double for James, continuing the regular-season success he had on the court.

Do Raptors have any shot at winning this series?

This was just Game 1 of the second-round series, but the Toronto Raptors are already in trouble. The Cavs now have home court advantage, which is tough to re-attain once it has been lost in this fashion. Plus, history is not on the side of the Raptors. As the No. 3 seed last year, they were swept by the Cavs in the conference semifinals. The previous season, the Raptors were the No. 2 seed, yet they lost to the Cavs in six games during the conference finals.

Though the Raptors never had to face the Miami Heat when LeBron James was leading that team in the postseason, they know very well the sting of losing to him in the playoffs.

This could end up being the third-straight postseason that James and the Cavs have sent the team home early. That’s a rough history for fans of the franchise to have to deal with and it is not surprising that the fans of the Raptors have started to despise James.

Game 2 a must-win game for Raptors

Game 2 of the Cavs vs. Raptors takes place on Thursday night (May 3).

The game is at Air Canada Centre, and the Raptors are currently six-and-a-half point favorites to win. If the Raptors can’t figure out a way to win this game, then the teams travel to Cleveland to play the next two games. Down 0-2 and on the road, that would just about bring the series to a crashing conclusion.

LeBron James appears to be on a mission this postseason, especially with a weaker supporting cast around him.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are only going to go as far as he can carry them and it appears that he is ready to leave everything on the court again. Can James elevate the Cavs by himself? He might need to, as his supporting cast has vanished. If he does get all the way to the NBA Finals again, despite having no real help, it is going to raise the comparisons to Michael Jordan again.