NBA trade rumors reveal the Cleveland Cavaliers are pushing hard to acquire DeAndre Jordan before the deadline. A new report by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski indicates that negotiations between the Cavs and Los Angeles Clippers are ongoing. This is surprising, as there are only a few hours left until the NBA trade deadline hits.

This is huge news, not just because it indicates how badly the Cleveland Cavaliers want to trade for DeAndre Jordan, but because a third team is rumored to be involved. The Clippers have been intent on getting back at least one first-round pick for Jordan, but maybe the Cavs have convinced another team to come to the table.

If the Cavs could offer one of their future first-round picks as well as that of a secondary team, Jordan might be on a flight to Cleveland very soon.

What is the hold up on a Cavs-Jordan trade?

In previous negotiations between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Clippers, one of the sticking points has been the refusal of the Cavs to part with the 2018 Brooklyn Nets’ first-round pick. It has a lot of value, especially as the losses continue to mount for the Nets this season. As it stands, it could end up being a selection at the top of the 2018 NBA Draft for the Cavaliers. If LeBron James were to leave the Cavs in the offseason, that could be a huge asset.

To get around having to part with Brooklyn’s pick, which was acquired from the Boston Celtics in the Kyrie Irving trade, the Cleveland Cavaliers have reportedly enlisted a third team.

Multi-team trades are nothing new to the NBA, but it is intriguing that a team is stepping in to potentially help out the Cavs. It likely wouldn’t be a team in the Eastern Conference, so it limits which ones might be included in these negotiations.

Are the Cavs starting to figure things out?

In the midst of these latest Cleveland Cavaliers trade rumors, starting point guard Isaiah Thomas addressed his own situation with the media.

Thomas has seen his name pop up numerous times in NBA trade rumors this season and he told the media that he is tired of it. Did the front office of the Cavs listen to him? Or is his name attached to the discussions taking place with the Los Angeles Clippers?

The NBA trade deadline hits at 3 PM ET on February 8, so there isn’t a lot of time left to complete a deal.

Teams looking to improve for the second half of the season will certainly continue negotiating until the clock runs out. The Cavs are one of those teams, especially after losing Kevin Love to injury. DeAndre Jordan could definitely help this team, but what players are included in these latest Cleveland Cavaliers trade rumors?