When the Chicago Bears hired Matt Nagy as their new Head Coach back in early January, he pledged to "create a culture" within the organization to change the dynamic of the team. A once proud and successful franchise had recently fallen in very rough times, not winning a championship since 1985 and no playoff appearances since 2010. The locker rooms lacked leadership and much of the Bears culture seemed stuck in the past, overall not a good recipe for success.

Matt Nagy is not like Bears' coaches of the past, featuring a very modern way of thinking and has more of an energetic personality.

He shows off enthusiasm and an outgoing personality which can potentially bode very well for the very young team underneath him. After just finishing up the 2018 Draft, Nagy and the Bears have already shown off some changes they have made to Halas Hall.

Halas Hall

While this stuff may seem cliche, it can say a lot about a coach's desire for success. It was revealed that many of the halls of Hallas Hall now have motivational messages and images. This project, according to the Chicago Bears senior writer Larry Mayer, was coordinated by Nagy and GM Ryan Pace. Nagy said his number one saying was "Be You," which is one of the messages painted on the walls. Another message featured the Lombardi Trophy which reads "Obsessed to the be the Best" which shows a desire to win.

One interesting part of the project was the mural which featured a faded image of the 1985 team. Nagy told Mayer that the goal was to not live through them, but to create their own winning culture and being motivated by that great team's obsession to be the best. This is very different from just honoring tradition, it is building a new tradition while also not forgetting that success comes from a constant hunger for it.

Nagy is establishing a connection with his players that he will require the hardest of work while embracing each of his players for who they are, to create a strong team bond.

#BeObsessed very well looks like a new popular Bears hashtag on social media.

Why this is so important

The Bears for so many years have been stuck in old ways.

The McCaskey family values tradition very much, but it comes to a point where a team has to adapt to the world around them. Seeing these cultural changes is incredibly refreshing. What makes this all so comforting to Chicago fans is that this is similar to what the Chicago Cubs recently did. Their owner Tom Ricketts, president Theo Epstein and manager Joe Maddon created a completely new culture which included changing the players' environment and the use of slogan campaigns. That organization went from the "Lovable Losers" to a successful team that won a championship in 2016.

The team still has to go out and play, and in the end, playing the game determines who wins. However, this is a promising start to Nagy's start as head coach.

Everyone around him seems to like it and there is optimism around the team that has not been seen in a while. This is just the beginning for Nagy, and many more things will come as the offseason and training move along.