The WWE lost one of their most interesting characters when Neville walked out on the company last year. The reason for Neville leaving was because he didn't like how the WWE was using him. Neville was the WWE Cruiserweight Champion before the WWE transitioned to Enzo Amore, but Neville still looked like he was one of their top stars on 205 Live. Recently, there were rumors that the WWE and Neville were talking about a return but it has not happened yet. On top of that, the company has refused to release him and he has yet to return to Wrestling anywhere yet.

Neville on his WWE status

According to PWInsider, Mike Johnson reports that Neville wants out of his contract and wants to move on from the WWE. He was not happy about his status despite creating the King of the Cruiserweights character that was the best thing on 205 Live throughout its star. There wasn't a better wrestling character on 205 Live than Neville but he wanted more.

Neville apparently wanted to move on to the main roster again and work with wrestlers there. While he put on great matches with the cruiserweights, being a 205 Live wrestling star meant bad things money-wise. For one thing, at WrestleMania 33, Neville and Austin Aries fought for the title but it was on the pre-show. As a result, they did not get a percentage of the WWE DVD sales, cutting into their pay.

Johnson said that Neville is content to just sit at home if the WWE will not release him. However, this also means bad things for Neville. As the WWE proved with Rey Mysterio back in the day, if a superstar is not wrestling or appearing on TV as a character, the company can automatically renew their contract against their wishes.

The WWE and their stance on Neville

On the other side, the WWE refuses to give Neville his release. The company knows he is one of their top in-ring talents and he finally came into his own as a character to compliment his wrestling skills in 205 Live. The WWE knows that he can't go wrestle anywhere else as long as he is under contract and they can automatically renew it if they want.

As a result, it is the WWE and not Neville that is control of his wrestling future. If he refuses to return, the WWE can hold onto his deal and keep paying him to sit at home. Then, when his contract comes to an end, the WWE can renew it automatically due to what they paid him for sitting at home. It is a tough spot for him to be in and it looks like the WWE is playing hardball with their former champion.