The 2018 MLB campaign is closing in on its second week of play, and in a season that lasts six months, it is hard to get too high or too low in early April. Nevertheless, early long-shots are starting to raise a few eyebrows around the league, with the Pittsburgh Pirates and Milwaukee Brewers leading the way. No matter how long a season is, it is always exciting for fans when their team gets off to a great start and an early winning streak that helps a squad get off to a great month of April can catapult a team to a good season.

Pirates off and running

Someone break up the Pittsburgh Pirates! While four games hardly make a season, starting well can do wonders for a club, and it seems the Pirates' confidence is growing by the day. After sweeping the Detroit Tigers, Pittsburgh defeated the Minnesota Twins yesterday (April 2) in their home opener by the final score of 5-4, improving their record to a perfect 4-0 on the season. Once again, it is way too early to start dreaming of a postseason appearance, but it is not too early for Las Vegas oddsmakers to take notice. Pittsburgh opened with preseason odds as high as 175 to 200/1 to win the 2018 World Series. According to the latest Oddsshark report, the Pirates are currently listed at 150/1.

Not a huge jump, but those are still some nice return odds if Pittsburgh was crowned champions.

Another team to keep an early eye on are the Milwaukee Brewers. The Brew Crew are off to a 3-1 start, but it is more than that. The additions of Lorenzo Cain and Christian Yelich are huge. Both are above average sluggers, and adding them to a lineup that already included Ryan Braun and Eric Thames, makes the Brewers a legit threat in the National League Central.

The Brewers opening odds to win the World Series were set at +3500. They are now listed at +3000.

Astros still No. 1, Cubs spiral a bit

The Houston Astros went from a last-place joke to a squad that resembles an All-Star team. The Astros are still the team to beat this season at 4/1 odds. Right behind the ‘Stros are the Los Angeles Dodgers at 5/1, and New York Yankees at 6.5/1.

Tied for fifth place overall are the Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs at +750 or 7.5/1. For the Cubs, that is a drop from 6/1 odds in February, which actually is a good thing if you believe the Cubbies are the team to beat this fall.

Other teams that have dropped a bit since Opening Day are the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals. The BoSox opened at +1100 and now are listed at +1200, while the Cardinals opened at +1800 and are now at +2000. The rest of the top 10 rounds out this way. At No. 6 are the Washington Nationals (+900) followed by the Boston Red Sox (+1200), St. Louis Cardinals (+2000), San Francisco Giants (+2500), and Los Angeles Angels (+2500).