At this moment, Andy Murray must be in the final stages of his preparation for when the Comeback bell will ring. Its been more than nine months since Andy Murray made his last known appearance to play an official match. That was in the quarterfinals stages at Wimbledon and he had the upper hand against Sam Querrey.

Leading two sets to one, Murray was on his way to secure back-to-back Grand Slam semis after he had previously reached the last four phase at the French Open. That's when that bad hip started being a burden again. Eventually, he went on to lose the next two sets without being able to produce anything significant along the way.

Andy Murray's comeback is perhaps the most awaited moment of this season

Andy Murray was forced to quit playing while being at the top of the ranking. It was a remarkable achievement for a player who, up to a point, seemed to have been deemed as the eternal No. 2. From that perspective, losing his ground while at the peak must have been a sour pill to swallow.

That's also part of the hype that's been around his comeback as well. He was forced to step off the stage while being the world No.1 and that acts as a fueling factor for his fans. He will be back trying to play his best Tennis but there is no guarantee whatsoever that he will climb up the ladder that fast.

Andy Murray didn't consider surgery as a viable option.

It was rather a last-resort option which he was forced to undergo back in January. There were factors that kept Andy Murray under close scrutiny despite being absent for so long. He had two attempts to kick off a comeback bid. But, both the 2017 US Open and 2018 Brisbane International were canceled over a last-minute decision.

Andy Murray needs a change of strategy and schedule

Andy Murray will turn 31 next month. With that in mind and knowing that he's been away from the tennis court for almost a year, it's easy to foresee that his schedule might be subject to serious adjustments. Andy Murray should adjust his schedule in order to produce the best yield on the surfaces he feels most comfortable and where the numbers are in his favor.

He is expected to return to the ATP circuit for the grass season and, up to this point, we know that he will attend two warm-up events prior to Wimbledon.

If all goes well and he can collect several wins, then the second part of the season will bring a cornucopia of opportunities, all on hard court, where he can shine again. But the keyword for the second part of 2018 should be moderation.