Was Wrestlemania not good enough for you? The WWE was ready to up the ante a day later with the return of one of the organization's great stars of yesteryear: Bobby Lashley.

He made his appearance on Monday night's "RAW After Mania" program. Lashley wasn't the only major star to return to the fold, as Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy also showed up. The former ECW World Champion, however, is arguably the biggest star of them all. The WWE would be smart not to squander this extraordinary opportunity.

Lashley in the Big Easy

News leaked earlier of Lashley's potential return to the organization.

That followed months of rumors speculating his comeback. Still, nothing could prepare fans for Monday, when he crashed Elias' spot and attacked the popular wrestler. Suddenly, WWE fans were witnessing the start of a brand new, exciting rivalry.

It only took a sublime suplex for Lashley to wipe Elias from the face of existence. That promises to only be the start of things for the former TNA superstar. He's already claimed that he's not messing around during his second tenure with the WWE. He thinks he's a top flight superstar (he is) and should fight people just as talented and prominent.

Whether that means a match with Brock Lesnar is in his future remains to be seen.

An excellent WWE career - so far

Lashley first found his way to the WWE in 2004, when he signed a developmental contract with the organization. It took less than a year for him to make his television debut. By 2006, he was competing in his first Wrestlemania event.

Lashley then moved to the ECW, where he became the first African American to win a title within the label.

By 2008, though, Lashley was on the outs. He suffered a serious injury during The Great American Bash. An injury-related storyline gave him time off from the WWE. He was then released from his contract. From there, he went to AAA and other independent circuits.

Eventually, that led him to TNA in 2009.

He only lasted about a year on that circuit before going independent again, only to return in 2014. Lashley went on to several championship runs and even dabbled as a mixed martial artist. His return to the WWE, however, may be the greatest stage of his career yet.

Where the champion goes from here remains to be seen. But it's always good to see some old blood back in the WWE. Hopefully, the 41-year-old Lashley will be sticking around for the foreseeable future, rather than just a few appearances.