The Baltimore Ravens continued to add to their team when they signed Robert Griffin Iii last week. By signing RGIII, the Baltimore Ravens got a veteran backup for Joe Flacco. The Ravens have been looking to add value signings to their team since free agency began. One of these areas is the backup quarterback position. For the last two and a half seasons, the primary backup was Ryan Mallett, but after a shaky preseason last year, the Ravens felt it was necessary to upgrade the position. But is Griffin really an upgrade or is he more of a liability?

A report by the Sporting News presented most of the information used in this article.

Ravens introduce RGIII

The Baltimore Ravens introduced RGIII on April 11 at his introductory press conference. and it was here where Griffin talked about why he signed with Baltimore. Griffin's main statement focused on his past performances with the Cleveland Browns. He stated, "It's time to let that stuff go and move forward as a new player, a better player, a grown player." Griffin's past performances with the Cleveland Browns weren't the most spectacular and like most other Cleveland Browns quarterbacks, he was a terrible quarterback for the worst franchise in the NFL. Although, to his credit, he was the last quarterback to win a game for the Browns.

Chris Carter, a former wide receiver, and now an analyst for the NFL, believes that if Robert Griffin III is going to be a viable backup he needs to become a pocket passer. Griffin can make any and all throws within ten yards, but he struggles with throws longer than that. Instead, he focuses on scrambling and running around to try and make plays.

This has led to injuries that have shortened his seasons. So, if Griffin gets hurt, the Ravens don't lose anything, but if Joe Flacco gets hurt, what would happen? Wel,l if Flacco was to get injured and miss a game or two, Robert Griffin should be okay. But if it's longer than that, then the Ravens need to find another option.

Ravens looking to draft a rookie quarterback to start in 2019

The Baltimore Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome has come out and said that the team needs to start looking at replacing Joe Flacco. The Ravens hold the No. 16 pick in this years NFL draft, so a player they want should be available. But the Ravens need more than to worry about replacing Joe Flacco. Adding wide receiver depth, a starting tight end, and possibly another running back are more glaring needs. But because the Ravens haven't made the playoffs since 2014, the organization and its fanbase are starting to panic. And with this panic comes them blaming Joe Flacco for missing the playoffs. But what one must take into account is the fact that the Ravens offense, aside from Joe Flacco and a few other players, has been really bad.

So, instead of focusing on areas where their offense is weak, they plan on trying to replace the offenses strongest player. Ozzie Newsome has come out and said at his last press conference, "That everyone will be surprised who the Ravens draft at number 16 if they stay at that spot." The Ravens have been tied to drafting rookie quarterbacks ranging from Baker Mayfield to Lamar Jackson, but neither of these quarterbacks is worthy of a first-round pick in my opinion.

Both of these quarterbacks like to scramble and make plays running instead of staying in the pocket like a traditional quarterback. But this type of quarterback is becoming the staple in the NFL. And to make matters worse, the Ravens offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg prefers quarterbacks that like to scramble.

While Joe Flacco will scramble when he needs to, in no way shape or form is he this type of quarterback. If Flacco has another decent but not great year, and the Ravens do in fact draft a rookie quarterback this year, then Joe Flacco most likely will be relieved of his job after this season ends. But the question remains whether or not this will be the right move.