The MLB Power Rankings heading into Week 2 are out and you just can’t ignore the high flying Boston Red Sox. After dropping their first game of the season, they have reeled off eight straight wins and now own the best record in baseball at 8-1. It hasn’t always been pretty but all that matters are wins, and through the first 10-plus days of the season, no one has more than the Red Sox.

Astros, Red Sox both No. 1?

You can’t have two No. 1 teams in the Power Rankings, can you? While the Red Sox are my new No. 1, the Houston Astros are my strong No.

2, or No. 1.5. The 8-2 Astros are the only team besides Boston with eight wins on the early season, and so far this team has the look of a squad that is far from satisfied with just one World Series title.

According to a Chron report, the Astros struggled a bit over the weekend against the San Diego Padres, yet even with their subpar play, they managed to win two of three from the Friars. That is what is scary about a team like the Astros. Even when they play bad, they still have the capability to win.

Big changes in Week 2

The beauty of sports is that one minute you may be down and out, yet a few days later you are back up and running! The MLB Power Rankings can change quicker than the New York Stock Exchange, and they do!

Last week's No. 1 team, the Milwaukee Brewers, have tumbled right out of the top ten. That’s what happens when you lose 4 of 5 - and you are shut out three times during that period.

Unlike most MLB Power Rankings, I like to be right up to the minute and not just put a team in a high spot because they are “expected to be.” You land where you are supposed to land!

Teams on the rise this week are the Detroit Tigers, New York Mets and Arizona Diamondbacks. Tumbling are the White Sox, Brewers, Indians, Dodgers, and Rays.

The Top 10

1. Boston Red Sox -- 8-1 is a great start to a season.

2. Houston Astros -- Yawn…..when is the postseason?

3. Pittsburgh Pirates -- The Bucs look good at 7-2 so far, can they keep it up?

4. Arizona Diamondbacks -- They are leading the West and looking strong.

5. NY Mets -- A Cespedes for the rest of us! The Metropolitans mean business.

6. L.A. Angels -- Can they give the Astros a run for their money?

7. Atlanta Braves -- Freddie Freeman is good, really good. Atlanta leads baseball with 62 runs. They are mashing early!

8. Chicago Cubs -- They are waking up.

9. New York Yankees -- So far so good? They should be fine but blowing five-run leads has to stop.

10. Detroit Tigers -- Yes, this isn’t a typo. Detroit has won three in a row and should be 5-3, not 4-4 on the season. Blame the Opening Day loss on an overturned call at home that still has fans saying - wait, what?

Here is the best of the rest heading into Week 2 of the 2018 MLB season.

11. Toronto Blue Jays

12. Washington Nationals

13. Minnesota Twins

14. San Francisco Giants

15. Milwaukee Brewers

16. St. Louis Cardinals

17. Colorado Rockies

18. Seattle Mariners

19. Cleveland Indians

20. Miami Marlins

21. Philadelphia Phillies

22. Texas Rangers

23. Oakland A’s

24. Baltimore Orioles

25. Chicago White Sox

26. LA Dodgers

27. San Diego Padres

28. Cincinnati Reds

29. Kansas City Royals

30. Tampa Bay Rays