Mark Sanchez has an off-the-field resume that rivals his play on the Football field. He added to the former on Friday (April 13), when the NFL handed down a four-game suspension for the use of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). News of a four-game suspension should scare the team he plays for, except he's currently a free agent, unable to find a job as a backup quarterback. This certainly won't make matters any easier for him. In fact, this suspension should end Sanchez's NFL career. A report by ESPN provided information used in this article.

Sanchez's latest gaffe

As soon as the suspension was announced, Sanchez confessed to the crime - kind of. He admitted in an Instagram post that he knew about the positive test. He didn't, however, accept any responsibility for it, claiming that it came from an "unknowing supplement contamination." He denied ever cheating during his nine-year NFL career. Yet there appears to be no plan to appeal the suspension.

Prior to this, the prospects for Sanchez's future in the NFL weren't rosy. He was linked to the Seattle Seahawks, but they clearly moved in other directions this week, when they became embroiled in a controversy surrounding Colin Kaepernick.

Otherwise, Sanchez's name wasn't popping up anywhere. He barely held on as the third-string quarterback of the Chicago Bears last year, where he never played a snap. All of it forebodes that the end is near for this career.

Life outside the NFL

Sanchez has endured his share of controversies during his NFL career. There have been sex scandals, feuds with college coaches, and the tabloid fodder that seems to follow USC quarterbacks wherever they go.

Then, of course, there was the "Butt Fumble," his most ignominious moment as a professional player, when he ran into the rump of an offensive lineman and lost the football in the process. It's been all downhill from there. But the writing has been on the wall for what he's done on the field as well. Interceptions were always part of the problem, with Sanchez tossing at least 18 picks in three of his four seasons with the New York Jets.

He arguably had his best year as a part-time starter with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2014, putting forth his best passer rating. Still, he only went 4-4 that year. He hasn't won a start since.

It's possible Mark Sanchez would've caught on somewhere this offseason as a veteran backup guru. But this suspension all but guarantees that his time in the NFL is coming to an end very soon.