The NBA and the entertainment world often cross paths. Some NBA teams have celebrity fans that are as recognizable sitting court-side as some of the players on the floor. In many cases, NBA stars find themselves dating and marrying celebrities. In some of those very cases, things don't end well. But they usually don't affect the actual game. That is, unless you're Tristan Thompson.

Thompson, the 4th overall pick in the 2011 NBA draft, has been effectively benched since news broke that he cheated on his pregnant girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian. This all comes as Khloe just gave birth to their first child, True.

After playing only 2 minutes in Cleveland's Game 1 loss to the Indiana Pacers, Thompson sat on the bench the entirety of Game 2 as the Cavaliers evened the series.

Rude homecoming

While Kardashian was back in Cleveland preparing to give birth, Thompson was spotted enjoying the New York City nightlife. An eager bystander was able to snap some compromising pictures of Thompson and an unidentified girl (who was not his girlfriend) getting cozy. Upon returning back to Cleveland following the trip, Thompson was public enemy number one among Kardashian fans. In the following home game, Thompson was roundly booed by the home crowd for his transgression. Some fans even held up homemade signs showing support for Khloe.

Distraction to the team?

If Thompson is being punished for his off-court issues, it may be an attempt to block out all distractions during the postseason. How the playoffs play out will determine whether or not LeBron James stays in Cleveland after this season. It is something that the organization is fully aware of.

If they feel that Thompson isn't mentally all-in on another deep playoff run, it would make sense that they may go in a different direction personnel-wise.

It is hard to tell if that is the case, though, as the alternatives to Thompson haven't played much better so far either.

LeBron James is infamous for his "Zero Dark Thirty" mindset that he employs come playoff time. The general idea is that he removes himself from social media and any other social distractions as he prepares to compete for a title.

Thompson's choice to party right before the playoffs, and his choice to do so in such a reckless manner may have shaken the trust the organization has in him. After signing the big contract that LeBron requested for him, Thompson has become a role player and fringe starter at best. At this rate, he may be wearing a new uniform come next season.