The verdict on Dez Bryant’s career is still out, yet everyone seems to have an opinion on the Cowboys wide receiver. Is Bryant great or is he just overhyped? All hype or not, with the very realistic possibility of Bryant being released, several teams are reportedly chomping at the bit to add the former Florida State Seminoles star.

Workouts are around the corner

Next Monday, April 16, is a big day for Bryant, and tons of other NFL players as well. According to Cowboys Wire, Monday is the unofficial deadline that players can start offseason workouts.

The significance of that is there’s always some risk with a player working out due to possible injury risk. If a player suffers a serious injury, training camp rules apply -- meaning any player that suffers an injury cannot be released until fully healed. So if the Cowboys are planning to release Bryant, it could be sooner rather than later.

No. 88 in demand?

Dez Bryant would draw a lot of attention if he is set free by the Cowboys, and several teams that may have interest in his services would surely bring him in for a workout -- and it seems the New England Patriots may be at the front of the line. Cowboys Wire believes that the Patriots would definitely scoop up Dez if they get the chance to do so.

New England is known for bringing in players no matter what the cost if they believe that that player can help them reach a championship. The Patriots have the cap space to offer Bryant a three-year deal, which is one more than he has on his current contract with the Cowboys. Dez in Red, White, and Blue? Tom Brady would love that.

Next up is the Washington Redskins. Could you imagine Bryant celebrating a long touchdown reception from Alex Smith next season in Big D? While this one seems like a long shot, you can’t rule out anything when it comes to NFL deals anymore. Dez and Jamison Crowder would make a nice duo in DC.

Here is an intriguing possibility, how about the Minnesota Vikings?

The Vikings reportedly have $18 million in cap space that they could use towards Bryant. Bryant could make The Vikings' offense a monster. With Kirk Cousins taking over at QB, adding Bryant to go alongside receivers Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs would make Minnesota one of the toughest teams in the NFC North -- and let's not forget the return of Dalvin Cook at running back. This team could be dangerous.

Since we don’t know what the Cowboys' brass is planning on doing with Bryant this offseason this is all speculation. However, with the continued rumors of Jerry Jones and his son Stephen not seeing eye to eye on Bryant’s future, you just get that feeling that No. 88 may be hauling in passes for a new team this September.