The Detroit Lions 2018 schedule was released last night, and already fans are buzzing about the upcoming season. If you are a sports fan, you really do have to tip your hat to the NFL. Of all the four major sports here in the US, no one has a “release” party just to announce the schedule for the new season - well, no one except the NFL that is!

Expectations are high, and they should be

Fans always get excited about a new season, but in Detroit, 2018 is the year in which most pigskin lovers believe this team should not only make a run at the postseason, but they should also contend for the NFC North title.

Yes, they have a new coach, and it is his first gig calling all the shots, however, the Lions have too much talent to continue sputtering along.

Matt Patricia comes from a New England franchise that wins...all the time. Lions fans are hoping that Patricia can install that same winning mentality in Motown as well. Let’s face it folks, with a QB like Matt Stafford and big-time receivers Golden Tate and Marvin Jones, Jr. - not to mention the up and coming Kenny Golladay, anything less than a postseason appearance will be a bit disappointing. But no negativity is allowed here today!

Lions fans now know where and when each game is going to be played, and it is time to be bold and make some way too early predictions for the upcoming season.

According to, the season will officially kick off on Thursday, September 6 when the Falcons take on the Eagles.

The schedule

2018 won't be easy for the Lions, as they will be facing some fierce competition. indicates that the Lions will once again be front and center on Thanksgiving Day as they will get the wall-to-wall Turkey Day football celebration underway at 12:30 p.m.

ET when they host the Chicago Bears. With the Rams, Patriots, Seahawks, and Cowboys all on the docket this season, it is going to be one wild ride!

Below is the complete schedule for the 2018 Detroit Lions season. The Vegas odds set for each game are just an estimate, but going by years past, they are pretty close to being accurate, assuming everyone from each team is healthy that week.

Week 1: vs. New York Jets (Lions -5.5) -- A must game? Nah, but Detroit should start off on the right foot against a team that doesn't have a starting QB and finished 1-7 on the road in 2017. (Win)

Week 2: at San Francisco 49ers (49ers -3) -- The Jimmy G. era has Niners fans excited once again. (Loss)

Week 3: vs. New England Patriots (Pats -2.5) -- Being at home here helps, a lot! Lions squeak it out. (Win)

Week 4: at Dallas Cowboys (Dallas -5.5) -- Tough to face the Pats and Dallas in back-to-back weeks. (Loss)

Week 5: vs. Green Bay Packers (Lions -3) Another home win. (Win)

Week 6: Bye

Week 7: at Miami Dolphins (Pick) -- If Detroit is making the postseason, this is a game they will need. (Win)

Week 8: vs.

Seattle Seahawks (Lions -3) - They don't scare people like they did three years ago. (Win)

Week 9: at Minnesota Vikings (Vikings -6) -- The team to beat in the North. (Loss)

Week 10: at Chicago Bears (Lions -1) -- They will be much improved, but Detroit should be better. (Win)

Week 11: vs. Carolina Panthers (Lions -2.5) -- Another game that Lions fans are happy to be hosting and not playing on the road. (Win)

Week 12: vs. Chicago Bears (Thanksgiving Day, Lions -7) -- Turkey Day celebration! (Win)

Week 13: vs. Los Angeles Rams (Pick) -- At home, they have a chance...but the Rams look great. (Loss)

Week 14: at Arizona Cardinals (Lions -3) -- Okay, a must win, seriously a must! (Win)

Week 15: at Buffalo Bills (Bills -2) -- Weather will be a factor. (Loss)

Week 16: vs. Minnesota Vikings (Lions -1) - Have to beat them at least once. (Win)

Week 17: at Green Bay Packers (Packers -6.5) -- Another Week 17 vs. Green Bay? (Loss)

Lions record: 10-6