The Cleveland Cavaliers are down two games to one in their first-round NBA playoff series with the Indiana Pacers. They are in a must-win state now -- although LeBron James has said every game is a must-win in the playoffs. With that said, the Cavs need all hands on deck for this game and might end up without one of their starters heading into Game 4 of the series. With the Pacers feeling very confident right now and the Cavs reeling and struggling, the last thing that Cleveland needs is to be without one of their stars.

Cavaliers injury concerns for Game 4

In Game 1 of the playoffs, George Hill injured his back after just 19 minutes in the opening loss to the Indiana Pacers. George returned in Game 2 but only logged 20 minutes while taking just three shots. He performed best in Game 3, scoring 13 points, but left after playing only 30 seconds in the fourth quarter as the Cleveland Cavaliers blew a 17-point lead to lose the game.

Now, with a must-win coming up in Game 4, the Cleveland Cavaliers have listed George Hill as questionable. Hill received an MRI on Saturday on his back, which the Cavs saw is currently considered "stiffness" as he is suffering from "back spasms." According to Tyronn Lue, his back locked up in Game 3.

This is terrible news. When the NBA season started, the Cleveland Cavaliers traded Kyrie Irving for Isaiah Thomas. When Thomas failed to do his job, they traded him and brought in George Hill. While Hill was one of three guards signed (with Jordan Clarkson and Rodney Hood the other two), it was Hill that was the immediate starter at point guard.

Now, he might not play when needed the most.

The Cavaliers plans

While Jordan Clarkson is still in the mix, he has played terrible in the postseason. In the three games so far, Clarkson has only averaged three points a game over 18 minutes game-time average.His has only hit four of the 14 shots that he has attempted in the series.

As a result, if George Hill does miss Game 4 of the NBA playoff series, the Cleveland Cavaliers are likely to star Jose Calderon. This is not assuring for Cavs fans, although the difference is that Calderon is a 12-year veteran. However, he did not play at all in Game 3 and has only made two of seven shots attempted in the first two games.

The Cleveland Cavaliers also have to figure out what to do with J.R Smith, who was benched when the playoffs started but is starting now at shooting guard. In Game 3, Smith tried to be the hero and failed miserably. Rodney Hood, the better option, is playing from the bench.