LeBron James is doing everything he can to will his Cleveland Cavaliers on to a playoff victory over the Indiana Pacers. His most recent performance in Game 3 of the opening round of the NBA playoffs saw LeBron score 28 points with 12 rebounds and eight assists. He even had the Cavaliers up by 17 points at one point. However, the Indiana Pacers outscored the Cavs 52-33 in the second half and ended up winning the game 92-90, giving them a 2-1 series lead. After the game, LeBron spoke to reporters about the loss and the Cavaliers post-season struggles.

Cavaliers fall into a 2-1 series deficit to Pacers

The Cleveland Cavaliers were up big at halftime and it looked like they were running away with the game. When the Cavs lost Game 1, LeBron James pointed to the young players getting their first playoff experience but this game was not about the youngsters. It was about the play of veteran J.R. Smith (more on that later) and the Indiana Pacers controlling the boards in the game.

LeBron James refused to accept that Sunday is a must-win game. He said in the post-game press conference that every single playoff game is a must-win game. He said that they need to have the mindset and urgency every playoff game and he feels he had the mindset in this game but they didn't win.

When reporters tried to call out his teammates, LeBron James said he was not the kind of person who would throw them under the bus. LeBron said that they all need to play better as a team and refused to call out his Cleveland Cavaliers teammates in the loss.

JR Smith and the final play

The Cleveland Cavaliers had a chance to at least tie the game at the end.

Indiana missed a shot and it looked like Kevin Love was heading up to get the rebound. It was a play the Cavs have done numerous times in the last four seasons. Love gets the rebound, throws a touchdown pass to LeBron James and the King makes the big shot at the end.

The problem is that J.R. Smith leaped in front of Kevin Love and intercepted the rebound.

Then, instead of throwing the ball to LeBron James, who was already down the court with his hand up in the air, Smith dribbled the ball down the court. Then, as LeBron pointed to Jordan Clarkson, who was open behind him for a three, Smith decided he wanted to be the hero and launched a long shot that missed.

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost and their best player -- LeBron James -- never had a chance to get the ball in his hands because of J.R. Smith. The Cavs play one more road game against the Indiana Pacers on Sunday night and have to win there or they will end up in a deficit that might be hard to recover from.