The Cleveland Cavaliers are looking for ways to keep LeBron James in town when the 2017-18 NBA season comes to a close. They made moves at the NBA trade deadline to make the team younger and give them a better foundation for the future, but they need to still add at least one major piece if they really want LeBron to consider staying in Cleveland for at least one more season. That big name might actually be Kawhi Leonard because Sam Amico reports that the Cavaliers are putting together a trade plan to try to bring the San Antonio Spurs star to Cleveland next season.

Cavs trade plans

According to AmicoHoops, there are a number of NBA teams that plan to ask the San Antonio Spurs about the availability of Kawhi Leonard this summer. Among those teams, the Cleveland Cavaliers are looking to be among the suitors. The Cavaliers do have a nice carrot to dangle for Leonard. They have the Brooklyn Nets first pick in the 2018 NBA Draft.

Now, the Cleveland Cavaliers can't trade that pick outright at this time, but they could work with a team like the San Antonio Spurs to draft who the Spurs want and then trade that pick with some players for Kawhi Leonard. While the pick is valuable (2.8-percent odds to get a first overall pick), Leonard is more valuable than anyone the Cavs could draft this year.

This is a big deal since the Cleveland Cavaliers could then have another Super Team if LeBron James stays, as he would join Kevin Love and Kawhi Leonard to create a very powerful frontcourt. Just seeing LeBron and Kawhi side-by-side could make the Cavs the new top contenders for the NBA title in 2018.

The odds of this NBA trade happening

The chances of the Cleveland Cavaliers nabbing Kawhi Leonard is long. There are a lot of teams that would want him that could add better trade players along with the high draft pick. The Cavs did have talks with the Spurs at the NBA trade deadline, but nothing happened. Now, with the NBA playoffs here and Leonard still on the outs with the Spurs, something will happen this summer.

Honestly, Greg Popovich has never had problems like this with an NBA superstar. Names like David Robinson and Tim Duncan have always remained loyal to the Spurs and Pops but Kawhi Leonard is causing more problems than anyone expected heading into the 2017-18 NBA season.

Originally, Kawhi Leonard sat out of San Antonio Spurs games due to an injury. However, when he was expected to return, Kawhi refused and stayed out of action. Pops seems exasperated and might want Leonard gone -- regardless of his talent. The Cleveland Cavaliers could reap the benefit of the relationship deteriorating, but is Kawhi worth it considering his recent actions?