The 2018 MLB season has not gotten off to a great start in terms of weather conditions. While April traditionally causes some problems for teams in the northern parts of the country, it has been particularly bad this year. Unseasonable cold, snow, and ice have been present along with the traditional April rain, causing a mass number of postponed and/or delayed games. According to the Chicago Tribune's Mark Gonzales, from the season opener through April 16, there have been 24 postponed games due to bad weather.

What makes this even crazier is that there have been games played in weather this season that many times have been deemed unplayable, but have had to be played anyway due to a series between teams that play at one venue just once a season.

Several games in Chicago between both the Cubs and White Sox have been played in bitter cold and rain, seeing small crowds and miserable players. People around baseball are very frustrated with the weather so far.

Unhappy people

It is hard to imagine players, coaches, or even fans being comfortable in wet weather that is below 40 degrees with high winds. Hands and feet get numb, the ball off the bat stings like crazy, and standing in the field is hard when you are not moving very much. Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon spoke in the post-game presser Saturday (April 14) about playing that game on a day which was very cold, wet, and windy. Quoted by NBC's James Neveau and 670 the Score, he had the following to say: “This is not baseball weather.

The elements were horrific to play baseball in," Maddon said. "That is the worst elements I ever participated in a baseball game. Ever.”

Even Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo, who has been on the DL the past week and a half, expressed his dislike for the cold and even thinks the season should be shortened to avoid messes like these.

ESPN's Jesse Rogers quoted Rizzo, saying, "I think we play too much baseball - I think playing in the cold sucks. As a fan, you're going to a baseball game in April, and it's raining, snowing and (with) freezing rain. Is it really that much fun? That's my question."

Many others can agree with Rizzo that the weather takes a bad toll on the game.

It was unfortunate that many games had to be called Sunday (April 15), which was Jackie Robinson Day across baseball. Royals GM Dayton Moore expressed his disappointment to Bob Nightengale saying, "We’re in a very unique and abnormal weather pattern. It’s not fun for anybody.’’

The fans

The bad weather has caused fans across baseball to show up less to games due to the weather. It is understandable, seeing as the first few weeks of the season are not like the end of September during pennant races, and the weather itself is just unbearable for many.

The Cubs crowed near the end of the 14-10 win was very small, as were the crowds at Guaranteed Rate Field for the White Sox. Other stadiums around the country have seen similar low attended games. In the end, the weather is out of anyone's control, and MLB has to keep their players and fans safe. This has been a very bad April and hopefully, for MLB's sake, it will get warmer as soon as possible. Until then, expect more postponed games.